Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

16 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 , With reviews containing words such as ‘impressive,’ ‘brilliant,’ and ‘dedicated,’ it is abundantly clear that Ford &Doonan –Midland is the premier company for a high-quality air conditioning and instillation service. Customers across the area have been left in awe. Indeed, for a ‘highly recommended’ service, Ford &Doonan –Midland is the right choice. Ford & Doonan has been operating since 1985 and has expanded over the years to host numerous Franchises across WA. As of 2022, the company maintains ten franchises in Perth and two company store across Western Australia, with multiple specialist divisions and service departments. The Midland franchise opened in 2012 under the management of Scott Watson. Subsequently, the branch has grown from two office staff and two contractors to six office staff and four contractor installations teams. Winning numerous accolades since its founding, including Ford and Doonan’s Franchise of The Year and the Fastest Growing Franchise of the Year award three times, the branch’s success can be attributed to its drive. Indeed, Ford & Doonan – Midland strives for success, devoting itself entirely to its work. Moreover, taking a client-centric approach has ensured that the branch is able to meet its customers’ needs and requirements, further bolstering its growth. It is a design and installation comfort solutions provider, who has many happy customers – many of whom have become regulars, or even friends of the company. Furthermore, the dynamics within the company have created a workplace that thrives upon efficient communication and, most importantly, respect. This, of course, begins with Scott Watson, who believes that his behaviour should act as an example for the rest of the staff. The way in which he treats contractors and his staff, and the way he speaks with customers serve as a clear representation of what is expected from the team. In addition, the team works collaboratively, leaning on each other for support both in and outside of the workplace. As the team all live relatively close to each other, a sense of camaraderie has developed over the years, cultivating a great amount of trust, reliability, and true friendship. Henceforth, Ford & Doonan – Midland has benefitted from stability, seeing a low staff turnover rate. It has maintained its three core staff members and has, in essence, built itself up around them. Whilst part of its success could be attributed to sheer luck, the main credit is its dedication to playing to its strengths whilst working together as a team. Additionally, the franchise constantly reviews and updates its processes and promotes a positive problemsolving approach both in the office and on-site. However, the company doesn’t forget to have fun – whenever it reaches a milestone, the team orders in a range of food from their favourite Japanese takeaway. On the flip side of the coin, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the company. As more people are staying home comfort has become a priority, coupling this with the introduction of government grants, the rise in demand for air conditioning has seen an influx of business for Ford & Doonan – Midland. In turn, this increase has, at times, made it difficult to get equipment, hire and retain staff and contractors, and maintain some regularity to pricing. As the branch continues to progress, it has been developing plans that will enable it to expand its business further. One key element of this long-term strategy is the acquisition of a large, quality build in the Perth property market. However, the overall aim is to continue to satisfy customers, maintaining its reputation for quality. Contact: Scott Watson Company: Ford & Doonan - Midland Web Address: https:// Best HVAC Contractor - Greater Perth