Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

12 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 , Best Cosmetic Dentist - Victoria Recently regarded as Victoria’s Best Cosmetic Dentist, Brentford Cosmetic Dental is dedicated to providing high-quality dental care within Australia. By using innovative, state of the art technology, Brentford ensures clients high priority care that is entirely individual to its patients. Established by Dr Adam Mattsson, Brentford Cosmetic Dental is conveniently located within the Brentford Square shopping centre, a modern-day dental practice that carries decades worth of dental experience and advanced knowledge within the industry. Winners of the Best Cosmetic Dentists for 2022, patients are impressed with the sheer level of professionalism, care and the standard of quality that is given throughout treatments. For Brentford, communication is key when running a successful practice, which is why the first impressions are always as important as the first. The company ensures that no matter the issue, the work of its highly qualified dentists will be able to come to a solution safely and comfortably with results that will have patients beaming. Prior to becoming a dentist, Dr Adam Mattsson was set off on another path with the idea to become a musician. Thankfully for the smiles of Victoria, Dr Adam was enlightened by his sister, who is a paediatric dentist. Falling in love with the industry and the professionalism that came of becoming a dentist, Dr Adam put down the music sheets and picked up the toothpaste. To prepare for the newfound objective of becoming a dentist, Dr Adam began his journey in 1998, earning himself a Bachelor of Dentistry. By 2008, he joined the Australian Dental Council (ADC) and has continued his education ever since. Dr Adam is a firm believer in continuous knowledge. In order to be the best, you must understand the best. Therefore, he has the addition of the gIDE 1 Year Master Implantology course from Los Angeles, USA and Trinon Implant Course, which was earned under the guidance of a German implantology specialist. Moreover, Dr Adam trained in Switzerland with internationally renowned Dr Daniel Buser in Implant Prosthodontics. With several accreditations and awards to back up his training, Dr Adam has flourished in the world of dentistry. Perhaps he could be identified as the John Lennon of the dental industry – innovative, dedicated and passionate for his work; Dr Adam has reached significant levels of experience and dental advancements that has been appreciated all over Australia. Brentford welcomes entire families to the clinic, aiming to assure that children and adults alike to have an enjoyable experience within the practice. Notoriously infamous regarding the stereotype of dentists, Brentford and the dentists who work within the practice could not be more inviting, hospitable and friendly. Renowned for its state of the art and innovative technological advancements within dentistry, the oral health of Australia has never been better, thanks to Dr Adam and his team of highly qualified professionals. Practicing for over 14 years in Melbourne, Dr Adam Mattsson recently built a state-of-the-art clinic in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, serving Blackburn, Doncaster, Box Hill Ringwood and surrounds. Within this setting, Dr Adam and his team can perform Nitrous Sedation due to the wider facility and CT scans, which are rarely offered within a practice. By providing greater space for clients, not only can the practice take on more referrals and patient enquiries but can utilize the updated area to bring in better treatments for its clients. From online reviews, patient transformation galleries, lists of certifications, accreditations and qualifications, Brentford offers the best to its patients, from comfortable seating, spacious areas, friendly team members and most importantly – a renowned international dentist. With the new year coming in strong, Brentford and its professionals look forward to 2022, welcoming new patients with whatever is needed. Company Name: Brentford Cosmetic Dental Contact Name: Stephen Mattsson Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Jan22340