Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

9 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 g Best Roofing Contractor – Greater Perth it will be working with. The thorough nature of this process is what allows its intuitive knowledge for diagnosing any issues with a roof or loft. It will then take measurements on site and in person, ensuring that it can give the client the correct quote depending on the size of the task at hand and the hours that will be required in order to finish it. This stage of the process will also tell Tut Roofing how much material will be needed. Over the past year or so, Tut Roofing has invested time and money into its marketing strategy and in further getting its name out there. In fact, a couple of weeks before Covid-19, this was one of its largest expenses. The struggles that the pandemic brought to its industry have been myriad, but this focus on increasingly positive marketing has only helped it to stay afloat, as its name has remained alive and well in its region. Furthermore, it has been continuing to upgrade and develop its practices alongside its industry. This focus on positive development has meant that it can incorporate the newest technical processes and techniques into its work, allowing it to remain at the forefront of its industry. Throughout all its work, both with clients and internally, it has maintained a staunch dedication to global standard excellence with a ‘friendly local’ vibe. To this end, it supports its community by hiring exclusively Western Australians, thus keeping the building style consistent as training differs from area to area. Furthermore, it wishes to showcase the amount of talent that can be found locally, giving its staff a chance to use their expansive skill sets to wow customers. Having created such an excellent environment that its staff and clients benefit from, Tut Roofing stays true to its mission and values, as well as offering the best quality of workmanship in its trade. Its CEO and staff wish to eventually take its efforts to a global stage. Whilst it is certainly a big dream, from the excellence it has cultivated in its work, it has made itself one to watch. Company: Tut Roofing Contact: Tut Nyokwan Website: