Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

8 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Having been in the roofing industry for over a decade now, Tut Roofing has seen notable trials, tribulations, and challenges facing its business as it attempts to bring a new standard of professional ethics to its industry. The founder, Tut Nyokwan, has completed significant training and certifications, and has a great passion for his work that he shares with his crew, clients, and competition alike. In this way, the company serves the Greater Perth area with efficacy and dedication, keeping its services cost effective and high quality, something that its clients laud as exemplary. It has also come highly recommended for its insightful and watertight processes; in its work, it pays attention to detail to ensure that nothing goes unaddressed. On one occasion, a client found that Tut Roofing had isolated and fixed an issue that two other roofing companies had completely missed. It also works hard to be on the client’s schedule and on their side. When it has been called upon to make emergency jobs, such as a client having an accident on their roof which meant it needed repairs, Tut Roofing responds in a matter of hours with empathy and understanding. It handles each task with professionalism and friendliness, going ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty to become many clients’ go-to roofing and tiling specialists. Tut Roofing also believes staunchly in paying its labourers a fair wage and treating them with dignity and respect; it has drafted its contracts to prevent wage theft, but also affords trust in its workers so that each person feels valued. It also takes pride in going above and beyond for its employee’s comfort, buying them lunch, and ensuring that the payment of wages is prompt and well managed. The founder has completed a comprehensive Roof Tiling Apprenticeship in Cannington, Western Australia, that taught him the true measure of his craft, and has been working directly with builders, home owners, and business owners to build connections and improve his business from the ground up. The excellent reviews and testimonials that it receives from its client base give it the confidence in its services needed to claim the title of the best roofing company in Perth, and, to further add credence to this, it is has been accredited by the Silver Trowel Trade Training governing body and Registered Training Organization. It was during this time that the founder learned a depth and breadth of both theoretical and practical knowledge that helped him to create a seamless operational model, blending both elements. In his work with a company called Two Dogs Roofing, he learned much of the practical side of this, contributing to the work on new homes and maintenance projects across the Perth Metropolitan Area. Best Roofing Contractor – Greater Perth Having earned itself the title of Best Roofing Contractor for the Greater Perth region, Tut Roofing canwell and truly be considered a specialist roofing services company with a heart of gold. With a commitment to excellent service and ambitious future plans, it reflects on the journey that has taken it this far. Feb21413 His experience within the industry has facilitated Tut Roofing to offer services that are also of an extremely competitive price point. This company is firmly against charging where it does not have to, preferring instead the ‘pay it forward’ approach as part of its ‘above and beyond’ policy towards staff and clientele alike. Because it doesn’t sub-contract work to anyone else, it makes itself a full-service company for all specialty roof repair and renovation needs, with a team of 6 workers on board for any given job. Keeping this number constant means it can keep its work efficient, and it prides itself on building a team that works flawlessly together, completing an entire roofing project in a day. In serving its customers, it is proud to offer a gold standard of work in everything from the installation of an entirely new roof to re-roofing and renovations. It also offers forty-degree roof installation, bedding and re-pointing, repairs to leaky or damaged roofs, and gutter cleaning that allows for unimpeded drainage and prevents degradation in the long term. Over the course of the coming years, it will be looking to further expand its business, using Perth and the connections it has built there as a springboard. The reasoning behind this all lies in its core mission. When it began, Tut Roofing’s foundation was a belief that everyone deserves a home, and every home deserves to be secure, temperate, and weather-proof. It maintains this as the heart of its business to this day, allowing this mission to fuel its passion for bringing exemplary roofing services to an ever-expanding client base. In the founder, Tut Nyokwan’s, own words, it first and foremost wishes to ‘protect all the Australian states from the rain and sun by putting a roof over their heads’. With this noble goal in mind, it has also spent the last decade of its operation developing its processes to be the most competitive. Its 11-step process allows it to operate within the client’s budget, to the client’s schedule, and with the client’s goals in mind. It finds that it is pivotal to break this down for the person who they are working for at the beginning of its work with them. In this way, it keeps the client informed of what Tut Roofing’s activities in and around their home will be, keeping them abreast of what stage in the processes it has reached. Its clients appreciate this dedication to transparency. It also makes it known exactly what materials it uses during the roofing process, all of which it ensures are sourced in good time and in the right amounts so there is no waiting around for materials on the day. When approaching a new job, it takes pride in its attention to detail. This means that it will often request blueprints and plans so that it can fully absorb each element of a job and get to know the environment