Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

60 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , The value of data cannot be underestimated no matter what the industry, and one of the biggest developments of the 21st Century has been finding ways in which to apply this information to the greatest effect. mOOvement has been about data since it first came into being during the Moonshot campaign, an in-house innovation program of Rabobank. Now standing on its own, the team have teams in Australia and the Netherlands and over 10,000 GPS era tags in the field, spread in over seventeen countries. These tags are the heart of the team’s project and were developed by closely listening to pilot producers feedback during trials in Australia. From the ground up, the products were designed to meet their specific needs, allowing them to embrace the latest technology by retaining control. The team have taken the time to ensure that they provide a solution that meets the needs of farmers and can be applied as easily as possible without and whiteout changing the way farmers are used to work. A clear example of this is the design of mOOvement tags. These use market standard male buttons and applicators that can be purchased from most ag stores. By using methods that are familiar to cattle farmers we ensure that they feel comfortable by using our gps ear tags. The cattle industry is one that is in particular need of assistance as the weeks and months move on. A growing population with limited space for beef production means that everyone in the industry is looking for a solution that will raise cattle more efficiently. There are over five hundred million head of cattle worldwide and this number will need to increase to meet the growing demand. Technology offers the solution, enabling farmers to produce more kgs of beef per hectare and in shorter periods of time as opposed to increasing the size of the herd by acquiring more land. This approach, however, is only possible through the use of accurate data. Everyone involved in mOOvement is passionate about the industry as a whole and determined to go the extra mile to support customers. MOOvement is built on experience of farming, not only in Australia, but overseas too. The makeup of the team is incredibly diverse, drawing in staff from Australia, the Netherlands, Paraguay and Germany as well as their range of experiences. Each is an expert in their field, with a soft spot for technology and a passion for what they do. While this talented team have achieved so much in such a short period of time, they are still looking at exciting new possibilities. This includes the expansion and setup of distribution centres in key Best Cattle AgTech Solutions Provider 2021 Agriculture is not themonolith thatmany think it is. Instead of remaining a static industry, it is constantlymoving forward. Nowhere is this truer than in the approach of the teamat mOOvement. Since 2017, they have provided farmers with innovative solutions that havemade it easy to collect data and actmore efficiently as a result.We take a closer look to find outmore. Mar21027 mOOvement Company: mOOvement Name: Daniel Rieder Web Address: Email: [email protected] markets. The collection of data will soon open up new possibilities for additional features such as an anti-theft alert, based on the accelerometer. The accelerometer would also assist in identifying calving events and animals in heat. Effective application of these techniques is certain to be the secret to this team’s impressive success. The potential of mOOvement is still yet to be fully realised, but it is currently in the hands of a team who know how to bring it to fruition in the long run. When it comes to embracing the next wave of AgTech, this is a team who is sure to get the job done.