Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

58 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Trust is a commodity that cannot be bought. It must be earned through consistent and exceptional results. Since opening its doors in 2005, Mader Group has made a real difference to mining operations across Australia and beyond. This concerted and concentrated effort is what has allowed them to win such a prestigious award from APAC Insider. Luke Mader, Founder and Executive Director, started the business as a one-man operation but has quickly seen the business grow into a solution-driven global maintenance provider powered by mechanically minded specialists. The team are passionate about what they do, delivering heavy equipment maintenance that enables customers to maximise productivity and achieve targets through optimal fleet and plant performance. Now, the firm has the capacity to deploy over 1,400 highly skilled and dynamic employees throughout the major mining regions of Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas – a feat only made possible by attracting and retaining the best workforce. Every aspect of maintenance support is available, with the team at Mader Group ideally equipped to optimise the way in which an operation is run to ensure the best possible results. Mader Group is set apart by the flexibility of its operation, with services that are unrestricted by equipment make and model. A large in-house team can be deployed globally to service an increasing network of customers at a rapid speed. This is thanks to the flexible service level agreements and contracts already in place which allows the firm to supply tap on, tap off maintenance services to its customers. Problems can be quickly identified and then the right person is found to tackle it. This approach has ensured that the business maintains positive relationships with customers and employees alike, which results in better service overall. Since the first day of operation, Mader Group has been based on a blue-sky business model that prioritises workplace culture and integrates the principles of mateship and comradery into daily operations. Those who work at Mader Group know they are coming into a situation that is designed for the benefit of employees. This commitment to employee satisfaction was pushed to the limit during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many workers operating far away from loved ones and family for unprecedented amounts of time. A generous activity and leisure program was implemented to keep people happy and healthy, showcasing why Mader Group is often considered the employee of choice by many within the industry. Most Trusted Mining and Civil Contractor 2021 A flexible maintenance solution is essential in the modernmining industry. It’s a niche that the teamat theMader Group have filledwith aplomb. In just 15 years, they’ve built a name that is internationally recognised. Following their success in the Australian Enterprise Awards, we take a look not only at how they have achieved such an impressive reputation, but how this reputation is allowing the firm to have evenmore impact beyond Australia’s shores. Feb21192 Company: Mader Group Web Address: ASX: MAD Having achieved such impressive success, the team have executed a number of initiatives which are designed to drive its next phase of growth. Each area in which the team operates has been considered carefully, with precise targeting to ensure the optimal result. For example, Mader Group’s exposure to gold and iron ore in Australia has driven considerable levels of customer demand in its core services. Mader Group is focussed on the continued scaling of its services whilst also focussed on growing its service range. In North America, however, the approach is one which is focused on the launch of operations in Canada, and the USA. This will happen by the close of 2021’s financial year and considerable human resources and capital have been deployed to facilitate this growth. This is a firm that has just begun a new period of expansion, building on the impressive results it has already achieved. We celebrate their success, and look forward to seeing what the team’s unique approach to the mining industry will achieve in the weeks, months and years still to come. Mader Group