Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

57 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , The green energy revolution is something that cannot be ignored. It’s had a major impact on economies around the world, with more and more people exploring the potential ways in which they can make a difference. The work of Ramselec Electrical Solutions has been to develop ways in which green technology can be implemented in almost any situation. Much of the team’s focus has been on offering homes and businesses the latest in cutting-edge technology. Based in, and working around, Victoria, Ramselec Electrical Solutions has become the go-to name when people are searching for the latest solution at an affordable price. They offer a quality for price guarantee, what that means is that the team will match or even beat any quote for the same quality products. The implementation of solar PV systems varies enormously, with each situation requiring a bespoke solution. As such, the team have a host of different packages designed to act as a starting point for a variety of circumstances. The simplest jobs are those involving household rooftops, but the team can install fully customised large scaled PV arrays in a unique arrangement that makes the most of what the sun has to offer. Green energy doesn’t just involve solar panels. The way in which a building is run makes an enormous difference too. By converting a house or business to LED lighting, it’s easy to make a substantial difference to the energy bill. Currently, people can take advantage of reduced cost conversions under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, but those interested must act quickly in order to take full advantage. While specialising in green energy, the Ramselec Electrical Solutions team are qualified to do almost any electrical job in the business. This includes overhead, commercial maintenance and construction, as well as those little jobs that crop up around the house. By turning to Ramselec Electrical Solutions, you turn to a team who have years of experience delivering best-in-show solutions in every possible scenario. Needless to say, this long experience means that they can tackle the trickiest jobs in perfect safety and record time. The specific services on offer are comprehensive in the extreme. The team boasts a range of fully qualified and registered electricians, capable of working within any residential, commercial or industrial environment either independently or as part of a larger team. When a big project is underway, clients are assured that no delays will happen because of the work that Ramselec Electrical Solutions delivers. Best Solar Solutions Provider - Melbourne Solar power has become an invaluable resource for those looking to invest in renewable energy, but it still requires specialist firms who understand this emerging technology to really make a difference. With an approach that is built on family, we take a closer look at Ramselec Electrical Solutions to see just how they’ve achieved success in 2021’s Australian Enterprise Awards. Feb21053 Ramselec Electrical Solutions Company: Ramselec Electrical Solutions Contact: Chris Ramsey Email: [email protected] Installation is not the whole job, and the servicing and maintenance of electrical systems is a key factor when it comes to ensuring the least impact on the environment at large. As such, the team are on hand to perform regular ongoing maintenance that ensures ease of mind and a secure bottom line for businesses. Any problems can be tackled before they become a crisis, with an approach that is carefully adapted to suit the needs of the business. It’s little wonder that Ramselec Electrical Solutions has become such a renowned name within Australia’s green energy industry. Their approach champions the needs of people across the region, with a flexibility that has brought them astonishing success.