Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

53 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , When Anomaly first opened its doors, it was as a high-end video production company. Working with ad agencies across the country demonstrated to the young and ambitious team how badly some agencies treated their clients and suppliers. Often services would be marked up by a significant margin with a final product that didn’t match the price. They thought they could do better, so they moved into marketing and have never looked back. Since those early days, Anomaly has grown into a full-service creative agency, offering Branding, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing and Video Production services. Their work spans multiple industries, helping businesses to gain a larger market share and generate more revenue. It doesn’t matter what the industry, size or planned outcomes – when Anomaly is involved, they commit to making a real difference. Audiences have become more aware of marketing as a whole. They have an eye for quality and honesty. More than ever, they want to be offered something as opposed to being sold a product. Understanding how audiences work means that the Anomaly team are able to deliver results that stand apart in this space. Nowhere has this been truer than in the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many clients were hit incredibly hard, and uncertain of which way to go. Thanks to the hard work of the Anomaly team, these businesses were able to adapt quickly and effectively to the new situation, with some of their strategies playing a crucial part of the reaction and recovery of the business. Anomaly didn’t lose a single client during COVID, and the impact on the business as a whole has been minimal. This is due, in no small part, to the team who bring this leading agency to life. They have developed a work life that is positive and professional, allowing everyone to bring their talents to the table. At Anomaly, the team are constantly being upskilled and trained so that they can progress on a personal level as well a professional one. Ensuring that the team is properly motivated was key to ensuring the success of the business during the last year. It means that instead of coming to work because they have to, they want to come in and make a difference to clients. In fact, Anomaly did such an incredible job of creating adaptive strategies for their clients during 2020, that founder and creative Best Video Production & Marketing Agency - South Australia Video has become one of the most powerful methods of communication for businesses. The ability to produce video is key to connecting with audiences of enormous range. When businesses in South Australia are looking for a company to tell their story, they almost always turn to Anomaly. With an eye for quality, they have quickly become one of the leading agencies in the region. We dig a little deeper to see just how they’ve done it. Jan21214 Anomaly Company: Anomaly Contact: Daniel J. Phillips Web Address: Email: [email protected] director Daniel J. Phillips was one of the recipients of the prestigious 40 under 40 award, a recognition of excellence in business and entrepreneurship administered by InDaily and Solstice Media. He was recently one of the top business owners and game changers invited to meet the Governor of South Australia, Hieu Van Le, at Government House to discuss the future of business in South Australia. As a result of this positive attitude and determination to deliver the highest of standards, the future is certainly bright for this beacon of Australian ingenuity. The team have developed a great roster of clients and are signing new ones every day. With a potent combination of experience and youth, Anomaly is keen to tackle new and bigger accounts and campaigns on the international stage. Currently, the team are exploring the possibilities in opening an office in Vietnam! With an ambitious streak that has run through the firm since its inception, this is a team that is certain not to miss out on any opportunities that may arise, no matter where in the world it may be. It’s this determination to move forward, providing better services for clients, that has brought this talented team such incredible success.