Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

50 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , For Earth Inspired Creations, the Australia-based team of jewellers and lapidaries, no manmade gems or jewelleries could ever match a piece that has been created by Mother Nature herself and handcrafted with love and care. That is why Earth Inspired Creations’ collections of 100% natural stone and stone jewellery are so precious. Free from the dyes, manufacturing, or enhancements of the cheap, mass produced items that are currently flooding the market, every beautiful piece by the artisan jewellers is entirely unique, holding within them magical energies and stories of their creation by Mother Earth. Natural stones, gemstones and crystals have been used for centuries as a means of bringing together harmony, balance, and prosperity, and have long been said to have healing powers that can strengthen both mental and physical wellbeing. Earth Inspired Creations’ vast collection goes far beyond typical gems like sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, encompassing a whole world of stones such as moonstone, rhodonite, amethyst and so many more. Customers are therefore able to choose from the broad range, finding the stone that speaks to them and their personality most profoundly, and take home a unique piece of jewellery that works for any occasion, featuring the beautiful natural stones. Available as palm stones or Chakra jewellery for those looking to align their chakras, as rough pieces and crystals for collecting and lapidary work, or set into Stirling silver jewellery or as unique display pieces, Earth Inspired Creations’ collection of natural pieces and their uses are extensive. What is true of every piece, however, is its rare, inimitable beauty. Whether looking for a piece that will enhance their meditation practices, make a powerful fashion statement, or add a touch of luxury to an evening ensemble, Earth Inspired Creations has design collections for every occasion, for every customer. Owing to the unique nature of its stones, which vary in size, shape, texture, and colour, Earth Inspired Creations’ collection comprises entirely of one- of-a-kind pieces. There has never been a ring, necklace, pendant or display piece like yours, nor will there ever be. That is the beauty of Earth Inspired Creations. Thus, with its collection of beautiful and rare gemstones and semi- precious stones that speak to men and women alike, Earth Inspired Mother Earth’s Own Jewellery Collection Best Australian Stone Jewellery Collection 2021 Cherished for generations for their healing and balancing powers, natural stones and gemstones are much-loved by jewellers and lapidary artisans across Australia. Earth Inspired Creations is a specialist jeweller that sources the finest gems and semi-precious stones from around the world to create unique andmagnificent jewellery and precious stone pieces. We dig a little deeper as the Australia-born company celebrates success at the Australian Enterprise Awards 2021. Jan21133 Contact: Matthew Zerbe Company: Earth Inspired Creations Web Address: Creations is on a mission to put the brakes on the world of fast fashion and mass-produced jewellery. Instead, it is calling on us to reconnect with Mother Earth, living our most authentic lives and cherishing the natural beauty of her most awe-inspiring creations. Earth Inspired Creations