Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

49 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , As one of Western Australia’s most recognised and trusted brands in semi-permanent makeup, eyebrow styling and skincare solutions, Belle Sorelle is on a mission to serve those who are often forgotten by the beauty industry: the men and women who have suffered and survived lifechanging ailments and illnesses, and have the scars to show it. The Belle Sorelle team is devoted to providing superior care in cosmetic tattoo artistry to conceal imperfections and enhance natural beauty, reinstating self-confidence in their clientele. Belle Sorelle, which translates to ‘beautiful sisters’, was founded by entrepreneur, Ashleigh Jones, who has been dedicated to creating a business that empowers since day one. “We have a strong empowering bond within our company and our clients become an extension of our Belle Sorelle family. We make a genuine effort to build trust with our clients and work on improving their self-esteem, as well as enhancing their natural beauty. We help our clients to see themselves the same way we see them!” While Ashleigh keeps an eye on industry trends to stay in the know about the latest in technological innovation, she has created a salon that acknowledges and celebrates the individuality of her clients, providing treatments that work for them, rather than slavishly following trends. However, as long-term advocates of natural beauty, the team at Belle Sorelle have been delighted to see the growing fashion for natural looks that are all about protecting and maintaining the skin. Ashleigh sees this as one of the unexpected benefits of the Covid-19 pandemic, as people wearing masks led to less emphasis on makeup and greater emphasis on skin health. This was not the only positive outcome of the pandemic: “we changed our in-person training into online training programs so that students are able to get straight on the floor after finishing the online programs,” says Ashleigh. “This is the calibre of training I provide for my employees and this is what we are now offering to the public all over the world. We are offering the opportunity for aspiring beauty professionals to join our community and learn the same training I put all my employees through!” The Belle Sorelle Academy provides aspiring beauticians with the opportunity to learn from a broad network of beauty professionals. Finding that many graduates of traditional beauty courses often lack the confidence or abilities required for high-end salons, Ashleigh established the academy as a sisterhood of ambitious, motivated and highly skilled women who support one another through their individual careers in the beauty industry. Providing insights and skillsets on everything from treatment techniques to running their own salons, A Beautiful Sisterhood Best Cosmetic Treatment Clinic – Perth Situated in Perth, Belle Sorelle is a skin and cosmetic salon dedicated to changing lives through exceptional cosmetic tattoo artistry, eyebrow styling and customised skincare plans that help improve self-confidence and enhance natural beauty. As the salon celebrates success at the Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 and the launch of the Belle Sorelle Academy, Founder Ashleigh Jones tells us more about the journey so far. Feb21164 Belle Sorelle Contact: Ashleigh Jones Company: Belle Sorelle Web Address: the academy provides the resources needed to build independence, strength, and success. It is those core attributes that have driven Ashleigh’s own success, enabling her to make an impact on the lives of clients and colleagues across the globe. “I built my business on hard work, dedication and love for the industry and my clients. I didn’t come from a background with money or a husband to fall back on, I just knew that I wanted to be an independent woman who could stand on her own two feet. I wanted to be the director of my own life, so I took charge and worked hard to make my dreams become reality.” Empowered by a team of inspirational women who have been recruited for their proven eye for details, shared values and unique personalities, Ashleigh has created a sisterhood that is driven by a love their industry, each other, and their clients. “A firm believer that our faces are the ‘windows to our souls’, I am an advocate for strong, independent women, empowering them to believe in and follow their dreams,” says Ashleigh. By keeping her own skills and knowledge up to date, Ashleigh is able to ensure her team also have access to training and insights to maintain the standards of excellence that clients have come to expect from Belle Sorelle. Together, the family that Ashleigh has created at the heart of her brand is able to evolve together, creating a growing, global community centred around beauty and self-confidence. With the recent launch of the Belle Sorelle Academy, a cosmetic skincare line designed for skincare professionals due to be launched later this year, and the brand’s success at the Australian Enterprise Awards 2021, there is little doubt that big things lie ahead for Ashleigh and the whole team at Belle Sorelle.