Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

45 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , The Lounge & Co is a premium and bespoke salon in Australia with a dedication to being the ‘best, most respected, creative hairdressing company’ on the continent. It is forever working to achieve this lofty goal with its commitment to personable service, exciting styles, excellent service, and world class techniques. It wishes to ensure every customer leaves satisfied and confident in themselves, and has a second to none drive when it comes to hair styling, creating a boutique atmosphere in its salons for its clients to enjoy. The Lounge & Co’s appointment-based services are all highly tailored to suit the need of each client, and it believes that hair care should be a pampering experience, not a stressful one. In this way, it has cultivated a high-end experience, complete with top of the line customer service and staff with an enviable depth and breadth of knowledge. Its staff are all highly trained and understand how to best use its high-quality products to achieve the best results, knowing how to best advise a client with their out-of-salon haircare. It also closely follows the trends in hair fashion, allowing it to keep up with the ebbs and flows of styles according to worldwide sources. In this way, it ensures it can offer a diverse myriad of options to its clientele. The personalisation of its services is also an element that its clients speak highly of – The Lounge & Co has an attention to detail at every step of the process that makes its client feel truly taken care of. With hair care being such an individual thing that often forms such a large part of a person’s identity regarding to how they look, The Lounge & Co recognises the amount of trust that its clients put in it. It works towards living up to this trust by constantly bettering and improving its services. At present, it is seeing a lot of styles like the shaggy mullet, sleep bobs, textured bobs, blonde colourings and balayage, all of which it can provide to an award-winning level. Of course, working out of an in-person store front, The Lounge & Co has experienced significant challenges presented to it by the Covid-19 crisis. With so many customer facing industries experiencing shutdowns both temporary and permanent after the lockdown period, the hair care and salon sector was no different. Across the globe, salons had their revenue streams hit hard as they still had to keep up with rent despite not being able to serve customers in stores due to safety concerns. Thus, the beauty industry has experienced a sharp pivot that has been causing significant shakeups across the board. The Lounge & Co has taken the view that the trials and tribulations that businesses have had to face over the course of the past year will make for a better industry on the whole, as owners take the lessons they have learned in their stride. It has therefore put a lot of its efforts into making its own pivot towards this future an expedient and efficient one. In this way, it looks forward to reaping the rewards of its adaptability, ensuring each staff member’s training is up to a rigorous Boutique and Luxury Hair Care The ‘Best Luxury Hair Salon’ in Queensland, The Lounge & Co is a salon and bespoke hair care service that focuses on the experience as well as the resulting style, ensuring that guests come back time and time again. Jan21399 The Lounge & Co Company: The Lounge & Co Contact: Candice Whitehead Website: standard, and cementing its operational base in both its Newstead and Ormiston salons. Internally, The Lounge & Co has a culture of honesty and friendship that ensure it is a highly vibrant and healthy workplace. The atmosphere it attempts to cultivate is one in which everyone feels heard and valued, and one where every skill set has its place and is of equal value, even as trends shift. It regards its team as a family, one that invests heavily in its members and their future to ensure excellent prospects for them both inside and outside of the business. It is this team and the environment of fulfilment and encouragement they contribute to that makes the high standards of excellence at The Lounge & Co, and it is this that will ensure its growth continues. In this way, it has several exciting projects in the pipeline such as new product lines, locations, and services, all of which it is excited to be able to offer. To stay informed of its recent developments and get in touch, it can be contacted by phone or through its website.