Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

44 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Concierge Car Wash is a premium car washing service with a dedication to excellence in its field. This company operates out of a multitude of centres across the continent of Australia, and has quickly cemented itself as one of the leading car wash and detailing businesses with its wide variety of services provided by friendly and competent staff. It takes great pride in its expedience, being able to provide the busy customer on the go with fast and thorough service. Hand car washes take from 45 minutes to an hour, and detailing can take 1 to 2 hours depending on how busy the day is – through honest and open communication, it encourages its clients to chat to the Concierge manager on their visit to get the most accurate quote possible. The Concierge managers and staff are always happy to help in whatever way they can, going above and beyond the call of duty for customers on the daily. No matter the question, its staff will do their best to work within the client’s schedule. In this way they often meet and far exceed expectations. The great reputation that its reliability and quality has earned it has meant for rapid growth. Due to this, Concierge Car Wash is now widely lauded as the best car wash centre in Australia; an accolade that it has more than earned, with many clients becoming return Best Hand Car Wash Service Provider 2021 A car wash and detailing company working hard to provide excellent service and abide by environmental responsibility, Concierge CarWash has an ever-growing network of centres across Australia. Jan21269 Concierge CarWash Company: Concierge Car Wash Website: customers and many more recommending it to friends and family. ‘We love cars and we love turning them into shiny and glossy beauties,’ says its website, and from the multitude of glowing reviews on its website, it’s more than a pithy turn of phrase. Often mentioned by these reviews is its attention to detail, tackling issues like scuffing and imperfections that other companies might miss. Concierge Car Wash also prizes its customer service. With all its staff being highly trained and experienced people who are highly adept at their jobs at every level of its operation, it ensures that its customers enter a highly professional and friendly environment. It knows that its staff are what gives it such a great atmosphere, and so it takes great pride in the people who work for it. This goes for every single one of its Car Wash and Detailing locations, from Sydney and Melbourne to the Gold Coast, Canberra, and Perth. Included in its exemplary hand car wash services are hand shampooing, tyre dry, chamois dry, high pressure rinses, complete interior vacuum, window clean, deep wheel clean, door wipes shut, full exterior wash, bug and mud removal, hand finish, and dashboard clean. These 360 degree services of any vehicle ensure that a car leaves ‘as good as new’, and with a new lease of life that turns it back into a pleasure to drive. Its car detailing services are equally rigorous and address a similarly wide range of potential concerns a client may have. In this way, it offers hand polish services, interior detailing, full detailing, paint protection, and more, all of which use the best technical developments in its industry. To provide further ease for its clients, it also accepts a range of payment methods including cash, Visa, EFTPOS, Mastercard, Amex, and Diners. Furthermore, if a client for some reason finds themselves dissatisfied, it is dedicated to resolving the issue so that the client still leaves happy, directing customers to keep an open and honest dialogue with its staff to achieve this. Prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of work needed, but it will always work with a client to come to a solution that works to budget. As a final note, it also has a commitment to environmental corporate responsibility within the business. This has seen it form a collaboration with Greening Australia, a charity running natural restoration and rewilding campaigns for the past 38 years across the continent. It focuses on planting native trees and plants, supporting Traditional Owners’ aspirations for natural restoration, and supporting local communities and ecosystems. It has a direct link to Greening Australia through its website to allow users to find out more; and encourages clients to donate to this fantastic cause.