Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

42 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Loop is a Melbourne institution that has championed artists, musicians and members of Melbourne’s creative community since 2003. Loop has quite literally grown wild from its ground-floor project art space roots- branching up three storeys to include Loop Roof and Loop Top, exceptional twin-tiered rooftop bars. Loop Roof was created in 2013 as a garden- oasis-meets-cocktail-bar that overlooks the city of Melbourne, and was joined by Loop Top in 2019, which boasts the same exotic horticulture as its sister bar. All three spaces are now organically linked by a dense, jungle-like green wall/vertical garden façade. Incorporating bountiful botanicals such as the Bottle Tree, Multi- Crowned Tree Aloes and Prickly Pear Cacti Paddles, Loop’s rooftop bars transport its patrons from the hustle and bustle of city life to an elevated Garden of Eden. Look out across their gardens to the incredible panoramic views, and guests are left awestruck by the superb city sights of Melbourne in all its glory. Visitors to Loop’s rooftop spaces are able to enjoy delicious food, prepared by the kitchen’s top culinary team and accompanied by a broad array of libations, from tap beers to punk craft cans, crack local wines to creative cocktails. The retractable awnings and umbrellas, as well as heaters and misters, mean that guests can enjoy the rooftop spaces and culinary delights, come rain or shine. As such, Loop is the ideal space to book functions and events, as the bars are well- equipped to handle whatever the changeable Melbourne weather may throw at them. Meanwhile, several floors below, Loop’s project space boasts large-format, custom built screens, the unparalleled Void surround sound system, exceptional AV facilities, a licensed bar and a packed program of arts, film and music events. Come and dance to the best of Melbourne’s emerging, independent DJs, or admire the works of the city’s most talented artists with a pint of something delicious and soon-to-be-discovered by the rest of the world in hand. Loop prides itself on being a safe and inclusive space, run by a well-trained team made up of compassionate individuals who are constantly striving to deliver the best in customer experiences. Recruited based on their shared philosophies, visions and ethics, the Loop team is agile and adaptable, a trait that has been vital in the past year as Melbourne’s hospitality industry has adopted measures and protocols to accommodate Covid-19 and its regulations. By combining online bookings, contactless ordering and more concentration on great food offers with intimate table service, Loop has been able to navigate the pandemic and its implications successfully, while continuing to focus on its cultural contributions to the city. A Rooftop Paradise Best Rooftop Bar 2021 –Melbourne A champion of Melbourne’s new and exciting talents, Loop has been a cultural institution of the city for almost two decades. Now, complete with two rooftop bars and a vertical garden that are bursting with botanical life, Loop Roof and Loop Top offer a paradisiacal oasis tucked among the rooftops of Melbourne, complete with arts, horticulture and culinary creations for all to enjoy. Mar21102 Contact: Adam Bunny- Loop Co-Founder & Creative Director Company: Loop Web Address: Those contributions also thrive in the Meyers Place laneway itself adjacent to Loop. In 2017, Loop spearheaded the Meyers Place “Green Your Laneway Project” in collaboration with the City of Melbourne. Nearby Loop’s vertical garden, which incorporates more than a hundred plant species and a 30,000 litre drought proofing water tank, the Laneway Project commissioned a massive jungle scape mural masterpiece, created by street artist, Mike Makatron. Hundreds of self-portraits each week are snapped by admiring visitors in front of the extraordinary mural in the entrance to the Meyers Place laneway. With Loop set to curate an ambitious light projection and 3D mapping piece art program on the laneway walls and buildings in the coming winter, the Laneway Project continues to evolve- making Melbourne fun, greener, and more inspiring, as it celebrates the city’s most creative talent. Ready to explore all that Loop has to offer? Head to Meyers Place and look up for the neon bird kinetic sculpture perched high on Loop’s vertical garden wall- flapping its wings and beckoning entry. Then, discover the rooftop paradise that awaits you above. Loop Roof