Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

40 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Australian businesses have required, and deserve, their own high-quality custom IT and cloud solutions, and that’s exactly what Boxtech is committed to delivering. Specialising in the health, education and construction verticals, the team have been proud to achieve some incredible results that match the work of large corporations. The cloud services that lie at the centre of what Boxtech offer were originally designed to accommodate the medical sector. Australia’s strict data privacy and sovereignty laws meant that all information regarding Australian patients must by law remain on Australian soil. Large public cloud providers could provide the service, but couldn’t guarantee that data or private patient records might not be transferred or stored overseas. The result was a need for a company that could build their own cloud systems. Since first offering this service in 2010, the team have had to expand to meet the increasing demand. COVID-19 has pushed the team to provide its greatest expansion yet, adding new customers while also improving the services that are on offer. While most places in the world have moved towards the potential of the cloud, it’s the pandemic that has accelerated this transformation. When it comes to technology, the world is constantly moving forward, but it’s easy for many businesses to fall behind. While many IT companies try to keep old systems online, the team at Boxtech are always happy to provide a modern solution for a modern age. Most Outstanding Cloud Services Provider 2021 The IT industry has blossomed over the last twenty years, with cloud services being the latest andmost significant development for many business. With a unique set of problems, unique solutions have been required. We take a closer look at one of the providers of these unique solutions to see how they’ve been able to achieve such astonishing success. Feb21301 Boxtech Pty Ltd Company: Boxtech Pty Ltd Web Address: Email: [email protected] Legacy systems have their place, but not when they are at the heart of a company. While the team specialise in cloud services, they can provide all types of IT hardware/workstations/networking infrastructure, data migrations and managed IT services. The result is a firm that regularly works on projects that last months, and sometimes even years to fully overhaul multiple sites. Customers are then able to access a more powerful and flexible environment, with dated telephony and internet systems replaced with fibre networks and cloud based VOIP phones. This ensures the service Boxtech provide to clients is always comprehensive. The team primarily focuses on servicing businesses in Australia, however some clients already have offshore operations using their cloud services and this has proven to work very well. These can involve graphics accelerated cloud desktops for CAD, engineering, architecture and medical needs. In many situations, installing high powered local workstations suitable for graphics intensive tasks can be challenging, however, the use of the Boxtech Cloud takes away these problems. It has led to a new branch of international clients in the Asia-Pacific who have turned to Boxtech for IT and cloud services. Looking ahead, the business is continuing to develop their offering to ensure that Boxtech clients always get the cutting edge of what technology has to offer. This will see further upgrades and improvements to the firm’s private/hybrid cloud service which has become the team’s main focus. Currently, Boxtech working to on- board some larger medical and construction clients who need stable, high-performance managed IT systems with round the clock support. It’s a service that the team will deliver with aplomb. It’s clear the IT industry is in constant flux, but what businesses need is a team who can commit to delivering a service that can stay on top of the perpetual changes. When it comes to IT solutions, Australian businesses need look no further than the work of the team at Boxtech.