Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

39 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Hoosh is an integrated and highly specialised platform that allows the support of marketing teams by way of consistently updating and developing technological solutions. It was founded by a team of consultants that have made it one of Marketo’s Global Premier Partners and a leading Launchpoint Solutions Partner, made up of over 30 experts worldwide. Having such a diverse talent base of employees has allowed it to grow within its niche and reach a wide range of clientele. Furthermore, it uses its staff’s world-class capability in Marketo to provide value for its customers with the consistent improvements made to its services and operations. In this way, it ensures that its clients can remain at the forefront of the latest marketing strategies. It can also reassure its clients that their use of these technologies is supported by leading minds in the field, with accessible and intuitive user interfaces, and worldwide technical support should things go awry. Hoosh is a business that believes in the marketing sector’s growth towards an ever-advancing future. It has seen the profession undergo a variety of transformations over the years that has made for a dynamic environment, and a crucible of solutions new and old that are available to budding marketing teams who may not know where to start. Therefore, marketers as a whole and within industries across a wide cross section are needing to carve out their place in this changing landscape, cementing themselves at the lead of revenue generation. Of course, the only way to do this effectively is to accept change and be flexible when integrating it. This is where Hoosh steps in to help, encouraging marketing and sales to see themselves as co-parents to its businesses success that need to work together for greater success. Technology vendors such as Marketo provide the means, and Hoosh provides the support to get a company to the goal posts. In this way, Hoosh serves customers such as marketers who use its software in their marketing technology stack, vendors of the products and services in this stack, Hoosh employees, and investors. For all these groups of people, Hoosh has become an invaluable part of their marketing infrastructure. The support it offers has seen it partner with marketers to help them with critical transformation periods, for one element, and this has earned it solid long-term relationships within its sector. These connections have facilitated its further growth, which has allowed it to support all its clients in the long term; expansion as a company means expansion of its services for the better. It also enables marketers to prove their worth to a business by showing the proof in the pudding of Hoosh’s results. Every task that Hoosh undertakes is focused on ultimately improving revenue streams for the businesses it works with, and thus it gives marketing a friendly and competent face, one that endears itself to its users. Similarly, its work has made sales representatives fall back in love with their marketing teams, strengthening their working relationships. Forging Invaluable Partnerships for Marketing With a win of the ‘Best Marketing Teams Support Platform’ under its belt for the year of 2021, Hoosh reflects onwhat about its services has allowed it to take its industry by storm. Jan21452 Hoosh Company: Hoosh Contact: David Cyrus Website: In showing sales teams just how invaluable good marketing can be to boosting their own operations, it has managed to foster co-operative mentalities that drive businesses towards greater success in the macro scale. Doing this through technological implementation also gives theses businesses a revamp that allows them to put their best foot forward, showing impressive technical competencies that make them stand out. Its work transforms people and processes, putting Marketo and indeed other technologies to work in ingraining marketing as an invaluable part of business management. Its support also extends to the sales reps it reaches out to, leveraging marketing data in their CRM so that they can streamline appropriately. As Marketo’s only platinum partner in APAC, its full-service handling of everything from 2-way-SMS to B2B implementation and advanced reporting make it a one stop shop for technology in its area of expertise. It helps Marketo customers to deliver exceptional results by implementing superior strategies with highly integrated, cutting-edge marketing technology. Overall, its work has successfully reduced the rate of abandoned sales on customer’s websites, increased conversions with email programmes, and supported more effective processes. It is clear to see that as a business, Hoosh takes marketing automation and integration one step further, and a step towards a brighter future.