Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

38 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , With an empathetic and gentle approach to funeral care that puts the bereaved first, Redwood Funerals is a service focusing on respect and dignity. It takes great pride in its personalised and ‘softer’ touch, ensuring that every family it serves feels supported and cared for, and this permeates throughout its operational model from initial enquiry to the service itself and afterwards. It wishes to work with families to create farewells that reflect that personality of the loved one. Its motto, ‘there is not one way to say goodbye’, shows its dedication to being able to be flexible and adaptive. Depending on the wishes of the bereaved and the death plan of the individual, it will alter its services in whatever way it can to meet and exceed expectations. In this way it seeks to reflect the loved one’s life, as well as the relationship between them and the bereaved in meaningful and poignant ways that take the stress off the family. Redwood Funerals is based in the outer south eastern suburban area of Narre Warren in Victoria, and its service area extends the greater Melbourne area, as well as Mornington Peninsula and will travel at the requirements of any family that would like to work with us It works hard to be available whenever its clients need it; with a team on hand to assist them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In this way, it offers its clients peace of mind that they are putting their trust in the right service that will take care of them and their loved one, as well as one that can efficiently and expediently handle any potential problems. It also has an extensive experience with accommodating a vast range of traditional and religious services, ensuring that all clients can feel welcome. Furthermore, it offers both at home and in branch services so that its clients can opt to say goodbye to their loved one in the privacy of their own home. This adds to Redwood Funerals’ mission of putting the client first. Serving its families with compassion and understanding is certainly something that its clients appreciate about its services. It also has its exemplary depth of experience in the industry behind it – the founder has been in the funeral industry for over 24 years, and during this time serving the industry, it became abundantly plain that there is too much focus on upselling. With funeral care being a private sector, but one that is so ingrained in global culture, there is a tendency for small funeral homes to be overshadowed by larger ones that are more concerned with marketing its caskets than caring for a family’s wellbeing. Redwood Funerals is a small, family owned business holding its ground in its sector and striving to be different. With this ambition driving it and its strict code of values bolstering it, it uses its small business status to its advantage. By keeping its services family-run and tight knit, it can curate a far more intimate and personable vibe that creates strong interpersonal relationships with its clients, supporting them through an incredibly difficult time. With regards to venues, Redwood Funerals can arrange a church or temple of the family’s choice, liaising with the local clergy to do so. In Positive Change in Funeral Care Having been lauded as the ‘Funeral Directors of the Year’ for the region of Victoria, Redwood Funerals is a teamof professionals lead by founder and director Kelly Burns in the death care industry with a commitment to being different; and being better. Feb21576 Company: Redwood Funerals Contact: Kelly Burns Website: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 1300 62 68 67 other cases, where a client may want a different specific location, it does its best to cater to all; over the years, it has arranged services in venues such as sporting clubs, RSLs, wineries, restaurants, or reception centres. It also offers a wide range of beautiful floral arrangement services that can be handled in-house. Whether a client is after something traditional or something more modern, its variety of colour and scent is ever changing as it uses the blooms that are flourishing that season. Its also offers green funerals, an aspect that makes it a front-runner in its industry as for the most part funeral care yet clings to traditional methods that are not as environmentally friendly. Businesses such as Redwood Funerals are helping to buck this trend: as well as bespoke services and caskets, it keeps as many elements of its operation as green as possible. With so many diverse ways it can conduct a service and such high internal standards, Redwood Funerals is a service that has earned significant goodwill in its community. It is this trust that inspires it to continue to serve with this level of excellence going forward, and with this at its heart, it will bring itself and its industry into the future. Redwood Funerals