Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

37 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, more than 4 million people across Australia use incontinence products. However, despite their products being designed for almost a fifth of the population, many multinational brands of the industry have little to no contact or communication with the customers who rely on their products. For ConfidenceClub, the time has come to change that. Established in 2017 as a disruptor of the legacy supply market for adult and youth incontinence products, ConfidenceClub supplies high quality and comfortable continence management products manufactured in Europe and delivered to customers’ homes in discreet packages, all for prices that beat those of the traditional retailer. Whereas many of its competitors focus its efforts and communications on its traditional supply chains and distributors like supermarkets and pharmacies, ConfidenceClub prioritises engaging with its customers. The dedicated team of eleven who operate from Bondi Junction spend the majority of their time and efforts communicating with and responding to clients so that they can learn how to provide a daily product that will give them the confidence to live their best, most comfortable lives. For instance, buying bulky continence management products from traditional retail shops can be inconvenient, expensive and potentially embarrassing. ConfidenceClub has therefore structured its business model to resolve those issues. From its wide selection of products to its discreet, personalised and scheduled home delivery service called ‘Never Run Out’, ConfidenceClub is building a sustainable and profitable brand that prioritises its customers, helping to bring them dignity and confidence in their continence management. Moreover, as a team of continence practitioner nurses, technology experts, product specialists, care managers, home delivery professionals, and more, ConfidenceClub is well-equipped to go the extra mile in its customer service. Whether it be in advising on the right products, the generous rewards program and money back guarantee, or the experienced insights of a qualified nurse practitioner for patients with more complex needs, ConfidenceClub serves as a trusted, caring partner to its clients. The steady increase of online shopping for daily essentials grew exponentially over the last year due to Covid-19, with a rise that was Disrupting one of the un- sexiest markets in Australia Best Online Adult &Youth Incontinence Products Retailer 2021 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 New SouthWales-based ConfidenceClub has beenworking hard the past three years to change the way Australians shop for continence management products by taking the inconvenience, expense and hassle out of purchasing these essential daily consumables. Delivering super comfortable, high quality products direct to the doorsteps of their customers in discreet, scheduled packaging, ConfidenceClub is giving customers the ability to live more comfortable, confident lifestyles. Mar21209 ConfidenceClub Contact: Gavin Basserabie Company: ConfidenceClub Web Address: predicted to take ten years occurring in just one. ConfidenceClub has relied heavily on its team to effectively handle this surge, many of whom have been with the company since its inception and have developed in accordance with the values that have driven ConfidenceClub’s successes since inception. Hiring individuals who are compassionate and customer-centric by nature, ConfidenceClub has built an internal culture that values its colleagues, providing flexible work environments and a collaborative sphere which promotes respect and innovation across the organisation. The result is a team that is committed to going the extra mile to deliver excellence in its services and products, which is attested to by over a thousand five-star reviews and daily praise that the company receives from its loyal clientele. Although ConfidenceClub currently serves only 1% of the Australian market, the team has big ambitions for growing its brand and reaching a greater percentage of the population that rely on continence management products. Given the positive reception and passionate following the brand has achieved, it is clear that the hard work of the ConfidenceClub team has paid off so far, and will undoubtedly empower its continued success in the years ahead.