Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

36 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training is a registered training organisation, established in 2003, which specialises in delivering qualifications in the healthcare sector with a strong focus on supporting individuals that are entering the industry for the first time. Since its initial inception the company has come a long way and now has a dedicated and proficient team of industry experts at the helm to help deliver quality training whilst ensuring that students have fun while they learn. “As part of providing high-quality training programs, we identify the skills and needs of every student and train them accordingly,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Mastroianni. “We have developed long standing partnerships within the industry which guide our constantly changing delivery style to ensure we are current in what we deliver.” Daniel puts Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training’s success down to having the right team, with years of experience Best Healthcare Training Organisation 2021 The healthcare sector has played a crucial role in the recent Covid-19 pandemic which reiterates just how reliant we are on this industry, its people and the services they provide. Daniel Mastroianni tells us more about howAustralianHealthcare Qualifications & Training offers top-quality training for anyone seeking to enter the healthcare sector. Feb21270 AustralianHealthcare Qualifications and Training Company: Australian Healthcare Qualifications and Training Contact: Daniel Mastroianni Website: and knowledge, the appropriate resources, and the equipment to ensure each and every student has the training needed to start their new career. The organisation has invested heavily in state of the art simulated training equipment, which allows students to experience the use of industry equipment prior to commencing their practical placement, alleviating any potential fears that may be associated when confronted with dealing with real-life scenarios. With more than 17 years of experience in operating a Registered Training Organisation himself, Daniel understands the importance of such high-quality training whilst ensuring the students remain engaged. “Our trainers are currently employed in the industry and have been for many years, therefore delivering training based on their experience and currency,” he says, speaking of the internal culture of positivity with an emphasis on the student. “Our friendly support team go above and beyond to ensure that each and every student has an amazing experience at Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training. The experience of making the life of someone in care as comfortable as possible is certainly a pride in itself.” When employing new staff, Daniel and the team always look for people that are like minded and demonstrate a positive attitude to making a difference to others. When employing new trainers and assessors, a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the field they will be delivering is sought after, to ensure that students will benefit from their expertise. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Victoria significantly and has experienced several long term periods of lockdown as a result. Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training has moved with the changes and challenges wherever possible, developing training material suitable for remote learning as, traditionally, its training has always been classroom based. Now training can be delivered via zoom with online assessments to ensure the impact of the pandemic has minimal effect on its students. Regarding the future, Daniel tells us that Australian Healthcare Qualifications & Training will continue to deliver high quality training to individuals and make a significate difference to the quality of care provided in the industry. Healthcare and taking care of people has been at the very forefront of the world’s collective mind since the beginning of 2020, and the training imparted here will surely see that continue for generations to come.