Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

35 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Hebco Industrial is a specialist repairer of industrial gear drives for all industries. It is also the Australian expert for Amarillo Gear Co’s complete range of products and services, as well as the exclusive Australian distributor for Aurora Vertical Hollow Shaft motors. “We aim to repair many gear drives once, not one gear drive many times!” states Managing Director, Rodger Brehaut, embellishing on the firm’s core ethos. “Simply put, we repair any gearbox, from any state, at any time, and we answer all our clients’ questions.” Key to its success is the fact that Hebco prides itself on its excellence in customer communication as well as ability to coach its clients on complex engineering issues with simple, easy to understand language, with its core philosophy being to fully understand the nature of the gear drive failure, taking into account both the internal damage and the installation environment. “We strive to take a big picture view to understand the cause AND effect so that we can guide our clients in ways to mitigate future equipment failure.” The culture of Hebco Industrial is one of openness, collaboration, and equity. Staff are encouraged to share their opinions and ask questions which are discussed as a team to achieve a positive outcome for the company rather than individuals. “In the office there are no stuffy old notions of hierarchy,” Rodger explains. “You will not see walls or cubicles separating employees from one another or even from management. Managers and employees alike all share the same work space at the same row of desks which creates a highly collaborative environment and boosts productivity.” It is through a refreshing work environment such as this that clients are served extremely well by gaining rapid access to company knowledge, information, and experience. To this end, when recruiting new staff, Hebco’s approach is a little different to the norm and Rodger tells us more. “First we start by creating a behaviour profile for the position we are wanting to fill. We need to know what personality traits are needed for the role and the work type first. Once we know what personality we are looking for, we can structure an advert with language that attracts those personality types.” The firm then uses a shortlisting method that is naturally self-screening whereby candidates are invited to call a number and leave a message. No emails. No resumes. “If they can’t be bothered to make a call and leave a 30 second message, they’re not a right fit for our company,” he says. “Only then are successful candidates contacted and interviewed. The resume is the last thing we ask for after we have interviewed. This way we hire based on attitude and personality, not based on work history.” Gear drives for irrigation form a large part of Hebco’s business and these are effected by many external factors such as weather and government policy. One trend that Rodger has noticed in the industry latterly is a shift to renewable energy for irrigation in Australia. “We Best Industrial Gearbox Repair Company 2021 - Victoria Based in Vermont, Victoria, Hebco Industrial is a leader in gearbox repair. Rodger Brehaut tells us more about the firm’s strong ethos which centres on providing customer service excellence that far outweighs that on offer from the competition in the industry. Hebco Industrial Company: Hebco Industrial Contact: Rodger Brehaut Website: see the industry heading towards fully renewable energy systems in the medium term. However, to get there, the industry must adopt a hybrid energy strategy like the automotive industry did starting with the Toyota Prius. Hebco Industrial is developing products to move irrigation to a hybrid energy future with higher energy efficiency than current offerings.” Regarding the future, Rodger and the Hebco team’s overall aim is to simplify the repair process for its clients by being a one stop shop for any brand of industrial gear drive to ensure the same quality repair is carried out on all the gear drives, with the same repair methodology, the same warranty, and the same after sales support. “There are dozens of brands of industrial gear drives out in the world. Many large businesses can have multiple brands of gear drives on site which requires dealing with multiple OEMs or their distributors for spares and repairs. We simplify this. The growth potential of Hebco Indsutrial is nearly limitless as we currently only service a mere fraction of the power transmission industry.” Jan21456