Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

34 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Established in 1993, Ezi Security Systems has become Australia’s leading practitioner in perimeter security systems with core competences in manual and automated pedestrian turnstiles, motorised vehicular sliding, swinging and boom gates, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) and associated access control systems. “With core competence established over more than 27 years, Ezi Security provides innovations of our own invention, and via alliances with undisputed world leaders in our field, deliver sophisticated solutions at the leading edge of global technology,” explains Troy Donnelly, the company’s General Manager. Our team is constantly researching and testing to provide security solutions at the knife’s edge of the security industry. We pride ourselves on our consistent contributions to our own field, and on our ability, efficiently deliver these products to our clients.” Ezi Security’s accomplishments include the design, installation, and maintenance of extreme risk Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems at more than eighteen defence base perimeters throughout Australia under the ‘BSIP’ program. The company has designed and manufactured a range of revolutionary vehicle-defence barriers that can defend against the largest of trucks to family cars vehicles. Ezi Security has many products in its portfolio which have received world industry leading awards. Perhaps its landmark product is the iconic ‘Truckstopper’ cantilevered motorised Hostile Vehicle Barrier (HVB) gate system in 2005, tested under supervision of DFAT, the Australian Department of Defence, ASIO T4 and subsequently internationally tested and certified to meet recognised world standards for HVM systems including PAS 68 in the UK and US ASTM standards. The Truckstopper has been installed and is maintained at high risk assessed facilities for Australian Overseas Missions and Embassies, Australian Defence facilities, Foreign Government Embassies, prisons, and other high-risk locations throughout Australia and around the world. “Our success also lies on providing our client with only tested and trusted perimeter security solutions and become leaders in providing world-class security service and maintenance in the Australian market.” Indeed, the firm’s clients include a who’s who of prestigious government departments and high security facilities, iconic public spaces in association with major city and regional councils, high profile corporate customers as well as Australia’s Overseas Missions in zones at risk around the world. However, the general public are also becoming more aware of the need for security systems such as these. In the recent years, there has been a surge of vehicle-borne attacks where vehicles are being used as a weapon to harm the public within crowded public spaces. With border restrictions in place, vehicle ramming is one of feasible options of homegrown terrorism. Vehicle ramming is scalable, which requires only a minimal preparation and incidents of such garner a widespread media coverage. Crowded Space Physical Security Specialist of the Year 2021 Ezi Security Systems designs, manufactures, and installs a premiumrange of perimeter security solutions forbothvehicleandpedestrianaccess control,withspecialisedexpertise inHostileVehicle Mitigation and protection of Crowded Spaces. Discover how the Sydney based supplier secured success in theAustralianEnterpriseAwards 2021 aswe take a closer lookatwhat it offers to clients. Jan21495 Company: Ezi Security Systems Contact: Troy Donnelly Website: In addition to this, Troy and the team at Ezi Security have also seen an increase in shopfront collisions and accidental collisions within public spaces. Troy recounts a recent incident in Melbourne whereby a driver sped erratically down Bourke Street Mall, terrifying pedestrians nearby. “With these kinds of incidents, the public beginning to realise the risk within unsecured pedestrians and shopfronts,” he embellishes. “Therefore, security specialists and first responders are now encouraged to adopt a layered security approach and application of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions to mitigate vehicle-borne threats.” As attacks like this become more prevalent around the world, Ezi Security’s recognised expertise has secured exclusive distribution and collaborative agreements with world leading technology innovators in the field of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. Companies including Perimeter Protection Group (Germany), Safetyflex Barriers (UK), Rosehill Security (UK) and Eagle Automation (UK) have linked with Ezi Security to ensure the highest quality in technical support and proven commitment to customer service sustains their delivery capability in Australia and the region. Regarding the future, the focus of the company is foreseen to be directed on growth on sales that concerns crowded spaces protection, with all the new infrastructure projects unrolling in NSW and Victoria some of its equipment being rolled out to protect pedestrians. “This year Ezi has been appointed to membership of the internationally recognised Perimeter Security Supplier Association (PSSA), the first company in Australia to achieve this prestigious accolade, underlining our company’s high profile evident at iconic public spaces around Australia, enhancing the ambience of security in our community.” Ezi Security Systems