Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

33 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Seals HQ is a specialist provider of security tamper evident solutions with a product range including security seals, one time use security satchels, reusable security bags, security tape and security labels. The company’s aim is to provide top quality tamper evident solutions with world class customer service, as well as to take the monotony of security seals and add innovation and dedication to excellence into all of its products. Clients of Seals HQ’s come from a diverse range of industries in Australia, including the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Australian Government, Woolworths, Visa Global Logistics, CTI Logistics, Northline Transport, Teys Australia, Hilton Foods, Australian Vintage and many more. “All our clients trust us to provide the best solutions for their applications,” enthuses General Manager, Sam Ng. “Our main core value is WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get. We believe in honesty, transparency and reliability with all our partners and clients.” He continues to explain that all clients are equally important and all the team members at Seals HQ strongly believe that providing excellent customer service is the foundation of the business with team members being encouraged to treat the business as their own regarding the decision-making process. With an internal culture based on mutual respect, Sam strongly believes in leading by example and it is not uncommon to him five meters above the ground on a stepladder picking stock for delivery, and the next minute back in his office on a phone call assisting clients. “As a business, Seals HQ encourages team members to prioritise self over company,” says Sam. “This means that team members are not bound to rigid working hours but are encouraged to take personal time off for self-care and family matters.” It is this refreshing work environment, plus its strong customer-centric ethos, that helps to make Seals HQ so successful and differentiate it from competitors. “Our success is attributed to the dedication to our core values: providing excellent customer service to our customers, transparency in our business, innovative ideas and purpose driven execution,” Sam embellishes. “Our passion, desire, plus our relentless pursuit for excellence, drives our interactions with our clients and proves the value that we can bring to our clients.” By investing heavily in continuous improvement and innovation, Seals HQ is constantly researching new technologies and designs to increase the security features offered by its solutions. One of its main focus areas in 2020 was to introduce biodegradability to the existing range of plastic tamper evident security seals and one time use tamper evident security bags. “Our business should not contribute to the degradation of our earth and we feel a strong responsibility to create a positive contribution via our business and introduce biodegradability to our range.” He Leading Providers of Biodegradable Security Seals 2021 With a firm commitment to quality standards, excellent customer service, staff satisfaction, and a push for sustainability, it is clear to see why Seals HQ is so successful. SamNg tells us more about this pioneering firm following its success in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 fromAPAC Insider. Feb21360 Seals HQ Pty Ltd Company: Seals HQ Pty Ltd Contact: Sam Ng Website: continues to explain that, with the onslaught of global warming, Seals HQ recognised the importance of taking immediate action. With governments pushing for zero carbon emissions and reducing carbon footprints, Seals HQ believes that it is playing an important role in the security seal industry by pioneering biodegradable security seals and security bags in the Australian market. “The biodegradable seals and bags were developed over a period of 18 months. Firstly, we had to determine the right additives to use that would complement our products and not affect the physical and security properties of our security seals and security bags. Then came the actual testing and determining the best ratio to balance between function and cost. Our extensive testing also included intensive product testing to ensure that adding the biodegradable feature in our security seals and security bags did not affect shelf life and the product strength.” The firm has enjoyed immense success with this product and is currently supplying more than two million biodegradable seals within the first year of launch, a figure that is likely to exceed six million per annum in the next 24 months. Seals HQ is also in the midst of setting up a laser marking process in its New South Wales facility to cater to clients who need custom designed printing on their security seals. As well as this, the company is also developing an online track-and-trace software built around its security seals, security bags and security labels to enable clients to have end-to-end visibility on their security seal deployments. There is also a plan to move into a larger facility within the next 12 months to cater to the rapidly expanding business. “The future is exciting,” Sam exclaims. “These new projects which we have lined up are due to be launched in the coming few months and they are expected to propel Seals HQ into an entirely new level.”