Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

32 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , As a highly spirited business, Emu Florist aim to offer its clients beautiful flowers and value beyond any other competitor. To start, Jaroon provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Here at Emu Florist, we are highly passionate about supporting our local community. As a florist you deal with every event in our customers life journey, from birth, sickness, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, and death. Typically, our services extend to a wide-reaching area covering the Greater Western Sydney and Blue Mountains regions. In addition to our range of flowers, we can offer unique gifts for every occasion from beautiful hand poured soy candles through to quirky and unusual planters handcrafted and potted with character from our hand grown succulents and plants.” Across Sydney the team often face competition from several other florists, however as Jaroon informs us, its approach to clients has enabled the firm to lead from the front. “Naturally, we become very intimate with our customers in order to meet their expectations. By taking them on a journey which includes the visible creation of their flowers in store, and the beautiful wrapping of them, we believe our passion for floristry shines through in everything we do. Above all else, it’s our ability to quickly adapt to the situations that arise which truly helps distinguish ourselves from the rest.” Retail Florist of the Year - Sydney Based in Sydney, Emu Florist pride themselves on offering high-quality flowers and a personal service. Following its well-deserved success in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2021, we caught up with Jaroon Flavell to find out more. Jan21117 Emu Florist Company: Emu Florist Contact: Jaroon Flavell Website: When it comes to recruitment, rather than focusing on any experience a potential candidate may have, the firm value passion above anything else as Jaroon explains further. “Without passion for excellence you simply do not succeed at being the best. This includes a passion for service excellence, product excellence and pride in all work undertaken. The staff here are like family and as we all want the same thing, we give them the freedom to be creative. In their training they demonstrate passion and a community spirit. To support this, we aim to recruit candidates who can show similar qualities. Taking on a candidate who has a raw eagerness to learn, can provide an opportunity for greatness.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the firm were well prepared for the pandemic having aggressively built up its online presence as Jaroon points out. “As a very progressive business, we have always looked for ways to improve our offerings. When COVID-19 hit the floristry industry, we were in a good position to respond having reengineered our business processes and online marketing presence. With activity on more than 13 websites, we are now a much stronger and robust business as a result.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Emu Florist have a number of exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the years to come. Bringing the interview to a close, Jaroon signs off by sharing some of the recent systems the firm has implemented, as well as revealing what 2021 and beyond looks like for Emu Florist. “Recently, we have implemented an integrated WEB and POS system to support both our online & retail businesses. As a result, through innovation we have been able to further aid our ongoing growth. We have just closed a deal on a state-of-the-art office and warehousing and production facility and commenced fitout, which will also accommodate a comfortable and exciting environment to meet with wedding and corporate customers. The new facility also accommodates a beautiful showroom enabling us to showcase our complete product ranges. Importantly this facility will allow us to remove our delivery and off-site businesses to a secure and highly efficient facility. Ultimately, this will ease the pressure off our retail locations and allow them to continue to grow unhindered by our success. “Moving forward, our long-term vision is to continue our aggressive growth journey taking the business from strength to strength, increasing ranges & enhanced service offerings. While our focus will remain on maximising profits, we will be continually reinventing ourselves and reinvesting into the business and community.”