Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

31 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , With 14 years of development experience in the industry, Datanova’s innovative architecture ranked as a unique market solution will effectively minimise administration costs and maximise service deliverables, providing clients with a 360-degree view of participants or consumers to stay compliant, meeting the expectations of today’s market. Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Datanova’s strategic mission is to make the Australian and New Zealand Disability and Aged Care digital economy more transparent. It provides the most actionable data and insights into the industry and makes this data available to its clients, therefore providing clients with cloud-based software that meets, or even exceeds, their expectations, thereby establishing itself as a professional and highly regarded supplier in its field of expertise. Datanova’s sophisticated FlowLogic cloud solution is not just software - it is a range of solutions designed to address the needs of Australian Community Care organisations. FlowLogic is 100% mobile ready, allowing clients to work from anywhere, whether it be on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. It allows clients to collect data and gain insight across multiple systems to achieve a competitive advantage. The system can also be designed to provide CEOs, CFOs, managers and team leaders with information on the state of economic trends or marketplace factors, or to provide an in depth knowledge base about the internal operations of a business. FlowPoint is a trendsetting client portal for participants or consumers and integrates with FlowLogic with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great client service. It provides plug and plays modules that comply with best AGED CARE and NDIS practices without the need for expensive consultations or expert opinions. Its key functionalities include view upcoming roster shifts or appointments, accessible progress notes, budget viewer of services, property portal, surveys, complaints and feedback. “These systems provide client management, financial data and reporting tools to support and improve your decision-making process,” explains digital business solution architect and data captain, Christian Krauter. “We recognise our unique offering is our ability to truly understand our clients’ needs and interpret that into smart software solutions due to our specific industry experience and focus.” All support services are provided by data captains like Christian, otherwise known as the Australian-based helpdesk service, Best Disability & Aged Care Software Solutions – Antipodes Datanova Cloud (Datanova) provides Australian Service Providers with trendsetting cloud-based software solutions tomanage effectiveness and compliance underMyAged Care, NDIS, Foster Care, Housing or any other Australian Social Services. The software improves outcomes, operates efficiently, andmeets the expectations of today’s clients. Jan21124 Datanova Cloud Pty Ltd Company: Datanova Cloud Pty Ltd Contact: Christian Krauter Website: contactable by email and phone during business hours. Each support request is logged with Datanova’s helpdesk staff and an automated support ID is provided by email to the requester. “Our Data Captains are a team of highly trained and qualified, deliver a proactive, disciplined methodology to establish and manage acceptable levels of maintenance service,” Christian embellishes, describing the company culture. “Understanding what works and what does not is critical, both during the deployment and over the long term, below are some highlights of the Data Captain service.” The business’s engagement model enables “on-demand flexibility” through a set of integration and infrastructure capabilities. This model is customer-centric supporting innovation efforts and to achieve client agendas. “We engage with customers at each stage to minimise any risk to the engagement. Our customers are happy with the level of information shared with them. We believe in customer delight thru our execution methodology.” Regarding the future, Christian and the team at Datanova plan to continue to focus on the production of quality systems while building solid, lasting relationships with clients to achieve the furthest fastest reach for our products. “Only by providing outstanding service and product quality will we achieve our aims of long-term success and sustained improvements.” BenBrown,OperationalManager&CosmoO'Malley,DigitalBusinesssolutionArchitect