Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

29 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Fenglehorn Sauces is a multi-award-winning Sauce manufacturer based in Cairns, Queensland. Each product is handcrafted with over 99% Australian grown produce, with a focus on flavour and a commitment to quality. Each bottle of Fenglehorn is handcrafted with care, packed full of flavour and 100% natural. Winning national and international gold medals for many of its range, Fenglehorn sells directly to the public as well as through a growing network of stockists and distributors around the globe. The company started life as few years ago as a small chilli sauce maker at local Cairns markets, which enabled Fenglehorn’s Director, Mikey Hayman, to see and hear feedback directly from the end user. “Offering taste samples and hearing from customers has proved to be the best market research any fledgling food manufacturer could hope for,” he states. As a result of this feedback, Fenglehorn has responded to customer needs accordingly over the years with larger product sizes, increased ranges, new products and entirely new product lines, based entirely on direct market feedback. Similarly, Fenglehorn still retains a corporate mobility and flexibility, allowing it to adapt to changing markets, customer requests and custom product development for corporate promotional orders. At the core of Fenglehorn, lies its original range of chilli sauces. With three of the four sauces receiving gold and bronze medals at national and international awards. “We are very proud of these cornerstones to our business,” Mikey explains. “In recent times we have seen increased interest in chilli and spice in the Australian pallet so our timing in launching the company in 2017 could not have been better!” In Australia, over the last 12 months, Mikey and the team at Fenglehorn have noticed a significant trend toward American Style BBQ sauces with a strong focus on smoking and ‘low’n’slow’. This prompted it to launch a new range of BBQ seasoning rubs which have been a great success. “This new range has followed our core philosophy of only using natural ingredients and avoiding food additives at all costs. If it’s not there for flavour, it doesn’t need to be there at all!” Another significant trend has been the move to buying Australian- made and Australian-owned produce and supporting small businesses and Fenglehorn has been a strong voice for helping the marketplace Best Food Condiments Manufacturer 2021 Using local Australian produce, Fenglehorn creates award-winning sauces and condiments to suit all palettes. We speak to Director, Mikey Hayman, about the young firm’s success to date and what the future holds. Jan21131 Fenglehorn Pty Ltd Company: Fenglehorn Pty Ltd Contact: Mikey Hayman Website: understand the importance of supporting the ‘Triple Threat’ companies wherever possible, these being those which are: Australian Owned, Australian Made with Australian Ingredients. “Fenglehorn is not trying to change the world but we are working to make it yummier!” Mikey laughs. “Everyone at Fenglehorn has a real job to do. We don’t have management meetings to discuss reports of other people’s reports. It’s quite simple really, we make great condiments and we sell them.” In fact, the team at Fenglehorn is paramount to its success and Mikey is keen to highlight that the company, although professional in its approach, has a relaxed culture geared to enjoying life. “We take some things very seriously: Safety, Hygiene, Environment & People. As long as we look after those things, we can have fun at work and enjoy being there. “Additionally, we understand that most people work for a living and would prefer to be somewhere else. As a result, we don’t watch the clock. Instead, we turn the music up! Get the details right and then we can enjoy the work day as much as possible.” The future looks bright for Fenglehorn and Mikey already has a substantial to-do list for the following 12 months, including new product developments and putting the finishing touches to a national roll-out which will offer franchise opportunities. “Longer term goals for the company are in the environmental space where we are working with a handful of suppliers to create more sustainable packaging options as we move forward.”