Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

28 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Meah Robertson, Founder of LifeStart Naturopathics, has more than 15 years of experience as a naturopathic practitioner specialising in women’s health. Predominantly working with women with a variety of issues, Meah offers treatment for fertility, mental health, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue and other conditions. She explains further: “As a naturopath my philosophy is to support the individual holistically - mind, body and spirit - with a tailor-made treatment plan based on their case history.” Meah has noticed a growing interest in naturopathic medicine, something she attributes in part to social media, particularly platforms such as Instagram. “Engaged audiences are listening to influencers on how they’ve improved their health and fitness and a large majority are doing this with the support of a naturopath and natural medicines,” she highlights. This ‘trend’ for holistic health and wellbeing treatments has driven more people to seek out experts in the natural medicine field to guide and support them. “They are seeking to be acknowledged as a whole person with many facets and want medicine that gets to the causative problems behind their issues.” Another aspect of the business is Meah’s own patented product, Fem21, which is a herbal superfood supplement blend created for women’s health and hormone balance. This has been available in Australia since 2015 and has grown to reach many women locally and internationally. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the awareness around improving and maintaining health and wellness and, in turn, Meah has adapted to incorporate more online consulting and prescribing services to account for the difficulties concerning traveling or lockdowns at different stages. Offering these digital versions has seen Meah thriving during the last 12 months, although she is still highly focused on ensuring she can provide excellent customer service at all touchpoints. “I treat all my patients the same way,” she explains, of her approach. “It’s the way I’d like to be treated if I was in their shoes. I ensure that Best Women’s Fertility & Pregnancy Practitioner – Queensland Experienced Gold Coast Naturopath, Meah Robertson, specialises in fertility, women’s health, pregnancy, thyroid and adrenal issues. She tells us more about her work and how the trend for natural remedies is ever-increasing. Jan21134 LifeStart Naturopathics Company: LifeStart Naturopathics Contact: Meah Robertson Website: I explain and educate the reasons behind their conditions, so they feel empowered with knowledge to manage their health.” Since creating LifeStart Naturopathics in 2006, Meah has been a one- woman operation, which is not without its challenges! She explains that her clients are dealing directly with her at each and every stage of their wellbeing journey. To this end, she often finds she needs to ensure she also looks after herself, as well as her clients in order to continue giving the same great service she has become renowned for. Meah often shares her knowledge and offers mentoring programmes for student naturopaths so that they may come and observe her clinical consultations. This has led to Meah working alongside some great people and has created a very inclusive culture of support for one another within the industry. Meah is a strong believer in ‘progress not perfection’ which means supporting her clients on their journey to bettering their health, with every little step in the right direction making a difference to their outcome. “The clinical experience that I have gained has fuelled my spark and inspiration that this wonderful industry really does make a difference to help change people’s lives for the better,” she says. “I still feel the same 15 years on from graduating as a Naturopath. I’m really blessed to be able to have an insight into people’s lives and problem solve on a variety of levels to help them feel at their optimal health.”