Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

26 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Spotzer is a global leader in the marketing industry, providing white labelled and award-winning support for its clients. Its comprehensive products form a go-to market for its customers, and it works with clients on their strategies as well as sales, marketing support, and fulfilment across a range of digital marketing solutions. Spotzer’s product services and offerings include websites, Ecommerce solutions, SEO, Paid Advertising, Logo Creation, Business listing solutions, video and sales, and support as a service. In all of this and, indeed, throughout its enterprise, the robust nature of its business model is what makes it stand out. Its sophisticated methodologies allow it to deliver technological solutions and cloud services targeted towards the SMB market and reaching a worldwide clientele. To do this, it uses tools like its proprietary customer engagement platform and integrated partner dashboards to deliver the highest standards of excellence. Its wide and diverse range of trusted partners include Yell, Telstra, ReachLocal, and many more. Since its founding in 2006, it has been perfecting its digital marketing offerings that serve businesses big and small across its industry. It has cooperated with titans in the media industry to further grow itself and reach ever new heights and has established itself firmly as a leader in its sector. Its work is also felt across a myriad more industries, as its clients’ target markets vary greatly from business to business. In terms of its values, it strives to show through excellent service how it values each customer, works towards innovation, focuses on impeccable design, and fosters an attitude of fun. The key to its success and the expansion it has enjoyed lie in its cloud-based solutions. These services are technology-enabled, modular cloud- based solutions, allowing for advanced problem solving globally and in an efficient manner. Spotzer is unique in the development of its own digital ecosystem. In this way, it has cemented itself as a first-rate and first-class solution, using integrated services to reduce the complexity for its customer. Compared to its competitors offering individual solutions, Spotzer’s services are far more user friendly; the intuitive nature of it making it highly popular across the board. In this way it ensures it doesn’t exclude customers with less technical savvy. It has also built itself upon the principle of reducing churn, using feedback from customers and partners to improve this. Spotzer’s integrated nature also allows it to effectively keep up with the market. It is an expert when it comes to operating at scale and with speed, ensuring its products are compatible with website user interfaces, GMB, Facebook, listings and citations, paid search, SEO, and ecommerce. All these elements together make Spotzer a central player in the digital marketing ecosystem. Furthermore, it thrives by being able to deliver full-suite digital marketing solutions in a fragmented market, making itself invaluable to its clientele. This also works by way of being a customizable and Best eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency - APAC For intuitive cloud-based IT solutions, Spotzer is proving itself one of the leading voices in its industry. Jan21155 Company: Spotzer Contact: Ash Lomberg Website: scalable infrastructure, effectively giving it top-down workability. Given that this is backed up by a large base of expertly managed resources, it is evident that this company is set to continue cornering the market. This has of course not been without challenge; working within such a changeable and dynamic industry means that Spotzer must dedicate significant time and resources towards keeping on top of things. Most recently, this has meant keeping track of the pivots caused by Covid-19 as a myriad of industries struggle to adapt. Many small businesses took their first steps into selling online, and Spotzer has been stepping up to help them do so. Furthermore, it has seen a huge shift to ecommerce in the Australian market; in response, it had adapted itself to deliver the most cost-effective ecommerce solutions. Going forward, it will continue to focus on its value for money and improving customer satisfaction. Spotzer