Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

25 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Flooring Domain is an online directory and services marketplace that connects local flooring contractors and suppliers with potential clients seeking their services and products. Flooring Domain allows customers to find indoor floor covering solutions such as carpet, laminate and tile and outdoor flooring such as decking, paving and even artificial grass. The innovative platform provides an opportunity for flooring businesses to advertise their products and services and in doing so grow their own business within the market. At the same time making themselves easily accessible to potential clients. The founder of Flooring Domain, Alexey Zubok, wanted the platform to be convenient and easy for both customers and professionals to connect with one another. “I came from the flooring industry, working on the tools and I understood customer needs when it came to floor coverings and searching for a professional to do the job” said Zubok. “With Flooring Domain, we focus on one specific area of building and renovations - floor coverings. It’s an area we have a lot of experience in and our purpose is to provide the best platform to connect both customers and businesses.” “We kicked off 2021 by introducing a new feature that helps customers find flooring materials in a much easier way. We launched the ‘flooring brands’ section that allows flooring manufacturers to present and promote their products to customers. This has allowed flooring manufacturers to build and grow their online presence and portfolios and building their reputation with clients. Our platform also allows consumers and trade companies to leave reviews for products that they have used through businesses and experience. These features make it easier for customers to find the product that they’re after and find distributors in their local area, all in just a few clicks.” Flooring Domain consists of a small group of companies who are always aiming to provide the best possible service to their customers. The website focuses on taking the complexity out of choosing a floor covering for the customer, as well as creating a platform for flooring providers and builders to find new business. “Essentially, we are just here helping both parties find each other and create an easy and positive experience for everyone. We carry knowledge in both the flooring industry and the digital development industry too.” Best Online Flooring Directory 2021 Combining industry experience with innovative technology is exactly what Australian company, Flooring Domain, has done to create a one-stop portal matching customers needing flooring solutions with businesses seeking new custom. We speak to the firm’s owner about this novel concept and how it works. Jan21165 Flooring Domain Company: Flooring Domain Website: Regarding the future, Zubok and the team have big ambitions with plans for growing and developing what Flooring Domain currently offers. “For now, our number one goal is to secure and win the trust of our customers, and to continue growing our name in Australia. At the same time help local flooring brands and providers grow their business using our platform.”