Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

23 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , A landscape construction and outdoor space design specialist based in Perth, Western Australia, Alessio’s Gardens is a company founded on experience and expertise. Most of its clients are residential, and it works alongside architects and landscape designers to breathe life into their ideas. It considers its work a truly collaborative experience, ensuring that the client’s voice is heard in the process, using its exemplary knowledge in its field to guide it. It prides itself on its attention to detail, dedicating to even the most minute aspect of its work the deserved diligence, and consequentially ensuring the creation of beautiful and original results. Its aim throughout its time working with a client is to leave them with a result that they will be happy with; a gorgeous outdoor space designed with them in mind that they can enjoy for years to come. Alessio’s Gardens was established by Alessio Paoletti, a third- generation landscaper from Italy. Originally from Rome, he moved to Australia to provide his expert gardening and landscaping to families and communities in Perth. The company incorporates some of the sought-after Italian charm and culture into every project it works on, allowing it to incorporate its own distinctive and unique voice. This gives each design a distinctive sophistication, creativity and style that make Alessio’s Gardens stand out from the crowd. Alessio learned his flair and passion for gardening from his father, who gave him the aspirations he needed to take this forward into his own business. By the time he reached Australia, he had already developed extensive experience that he could apply to meet and exceed his client’s expectations. Its list of clients grows longer by the month as many of Alessio’s Gardens’ clients refer it to friends and family, the power of word of mouth recognition being a large part of its success story. The company’s team of specialists handle service, advice, and assistance happily. If there are questions, comments, or concerns, it is dedicated to resolving these with efficiency and friendliness, providing a personable and empathic approach to customer service. It also offers its clients free personalised quotes based on the details a client provides before they commit to a project. It takes great pride in all its employees being professional and honest, prioritising the individuality in each client and the task they present. Alessio’s Gardens works hard to offer the best in gardening maintenance, landscaping, and more. Lately, Alessio’s Gardens has been keeping careful watch of its industry as it grows and develops. Of course, a factor that put all of it in jeopardy was the Covid-19 virus and the threats to such industries – the pandemic changed a lot about how gardeners and landscapers operated. The industry had to be careful to implement proper rules and regulations to ensure the safety of clients and staff respectively. However, it also saw an unexpected boom in demand as people turned towards their private outdoor spaces as places of solace when other outdoor excursions are not possible. This meant far more people Best Landscape Construction Company - Perth Alessio’s Gardens is an Australian based and Italian run landscape design company working to pioneer excellence in outdoor space creation. Jan21240 Alessio’s Gardens Company: Alessio’s Gardens Contact: Michelle Leyland Website: looking to redesign, redecorate, and rethink their spaces to suit their needs in the new paradigm where the home is the centre of all activity. It has seen an increase in people asking for specific types of garden or landscape due to this, such as the rise in popularity of vertical gardens to maximise the efficiency of their space. In hiring new employees, it looks for staff who show an excellent work ethic and ability to work as part of a team. It seeks to build a team that can function impeccably as a unit and compliment each other’s skills. Its staff are also all ready and willing to learn new skills, with Alessio’s Gardens always looking to upgrade and enhance its business to improve what it can offer to its clients. Despite working towards skill diversity, it also champions its staff having a skill specialism that they are passionate about. In the future, it would like to grow its business in tandem with the wider industry in the macro sense. In this way, it wishes to take on more high-end residential projects and break into the commercial side of landscaping.