Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

22 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , Evergreen Doctors is an Australian owned, family business run by mother and son doctors Anne and Chris Chappel. Based in the Pymble Corporate Centre, the clinic is a thriving, vibrant hub of the community. The doctors, Anne and Chris, use a holistic, personalised, ‘nutrition- first-drugs-last’ functional medicine approach. Functional medicine is an evidence-based blending of established and emerging medical techniques that look beyond the surface to find the root cause of health problems. Through a holistic, scientific approach, Anne and Chris consider how different influences from a patient’s genes, environment, immune system, hormones, diet, and lifestyle all interact to affect their health. The duo then offer personalised treatments restore wellbeing as functional medicine recognises that optimal health-care and recovery is not one-size-fits-all. “One disease can have several causes, and one cause can present as several different diseases,” explains Chris. “Every medical issue is preceded by disturbances in functionality, some of which may have been present for a long time. We can’t change your genetics but we can help you change your epigenic expression (how your genes actually affect you). We aim to find out why illness has occurred in each unique case and target our treatments to the root cause in order to heal and rejuvenate the body.” Both Anne and Chris as the most credentialled doctors in functional medicine in the Asia Pacific area, and frequently attend or present at conferences, keeping up to date with countless webinars from world leading doctors and researchers in order to provide patients with a fresh, proven approach to their healthcare challenges. When taking on new clients, the first appointment is a comprehensive assessment of their entire health journey and usually takes more than an hour, with the doctors utilising all the standard testing and treatment options as well as offering the best functional medicine tests and treatments that the world has to offer. Whilst the doctors are undoubtedly highly skilled, Chris is quick to sing the praises of the clinic’s other staff, such as the reception team which provides a high-quality, rejuvenating environment to patients when visit the practice, and are hand-picked to be naturally caring and good with people. “Our patients get a great deal of support between appointments with our doctors and have often been rushed or not listened to elsewhere,” he explains. “Our reception team take pride in really hearing out patients and putting their needs first.” Best Functional Medicine Practice - Asia Pacific If nothing else, one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us is to keep a closer eye on our health. We speak to Chris Chappel, one half of Evergreen Doctors, about how a holistic approach to our health and wellbeing is the best choice for addressing issues. Jan21242 Company: Evergreen Doctors Contact: Chris Chappel Website: With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital technology (and in particular, Zoom) has become a major part of the clinic’s service delivery, as it has for most doctors. Patients in multiple countries are now able to seek out Evergreen to help them solve their complex health needs. It has also made it possible to easily connect with thought leaders and researchers one-on-one and bring to Australia exciting new testing and treatment options. “With Covid-19, many patients are realising they can do a great deal to make themselves healthier, and therefore significantly lower their risk of getting sick, rather than just waiting to get sick, or wait to receive a vaccine. Patients are also realising what truly matters, and health and family mean they are seeking out doctors such as ours to offer high quality, holistic, personalized health care to not only solve their current health issues but to reverse disease, prevent it, and optimise health in all areas.” Thanks to this online element, the Evergreen practise is growing rapidly and Chris and Anne are actively seeking suitable doctors to join the existing team. The clinic is also in the process of bringing to Australia world leading patented testing methods to ensure that everyone can access them more readily. “These tests will enable everyone to gain greater insight into their health and uncover the why behind the why of their health issues,” states Chris. “We are also planning to start a clinical trial in autistic children in Australia, using a patented neutraceutical product. This trial is in conjunction with Prodrome Sciences and a local Australian University.” Evergreen Doctors