Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

2 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 Editor’s Note , 4. Pine Accounting and Tax Services: Business Accountancy of the Year - Perth 8. Tut Roofing: Best Roofing Contractor – Greater Perth 10. Functional Legacy Mindset Pty Ltd: Clinical Psychologist of the Year (Victoria): Dr Kerry Chillemi 12. Life Cykel: Best Mushroom Products Company 2021 13. Armstrong Health: Best General Health & Wellness Clinic - Geelong 14. Opal Consulting Pty Ltd: Most Trusted Migration & Visa Services 2021 15. Macondo: Best Exotic Dining Experience - Brisbane 16. Maraboon Veterinary Surgery: Best Full-Service Veterinary Hospital - Central Queensland 17. Magnolia Capital Pty Ltd: Business Advisory Firm of the Year 2021 & Best Investment Management Company - New South Wales 18. Equissage Therapy (Australasia): Best Animal Therapy Equipment Developers - Australasia 19. Bprimal: Best Online Footwear Retailer - Antipodes 20. Chocolate Works: Most Innovative Custom Chocolate Product Supplier 2021 21. Ocean Reeve Publishing: Best Australasian Independent & Self—Publishing Company 2021 22. Evergreen Doctors: Best Functional Medicine Practice - Asia Pacific 23. Alessio’s Gardens: Best Landscape Construction Company - Perth 24. Northern Cemeteries: Most Trusted Funeral Services Provider - New South Wales 25. Flooring Domain: Best Online Flooring Directory 2021 26. Spotzer: Best eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency - APAC 27. Activa Homes Group Pty Ltd: Custom Home Builder of the Year - Western Australia 28. LifeStart Naturopathics: Best Women’s Fertility & Pregnancy Practitioner – Queensland 29. Fenglehorn Pty Ltd: Best Food Condiments Manufacturer 2021 30. The Indoor Plant Co: Best Online Gift Delivery Service - Greater Melbourne 31. Datanova Cloud Pty Ltd: Best Disability & Aged Care Software Solutions – Antipodes Contents Welcome to the APAC Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 The Australian Enterprise Awards returns seeking to acknowledge those businesses and individuals who have played a pivotal role in the resurgence of one of the world’s biggest economies. As one of the top 15 highest grossing economies in the world, Australia boasts many individuals and organisations from across a myriad of sectors and industries deserving praise and recognition. The trade Australia engages in across the globe makes it a major player in the world economy and the Australian Enterprise Awards will shine a light on the firms and individuals who’ve contributed to Australia’s perseverance to retain this role, despite the worldwide economic struggles. The impact of COVID-19 has wreaked unprecedented upheaval and many in the business community are still getting to grips with the biggest peace-time crisis they’ve ever had to deal with. It has however, offered business leaders an opportunity to innovate and bring about permanent positive change and this is an incredibly exciting time to be nominated and get noticed.