Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

12 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 , By harvesting the Circular Economy and using its valuable fuel in partnership with mushrooms, Life Cykel are able to offer highest ethos products and services for our health and overall planetary harmony. Going into further detail, Sofie provides us with a brief overview of the group. “Here at Life Cykel, we aim to deliver high standard products to those that wish to focus on wellness and reach their true potential. Some of our best examples include innovative products such as, “Mushroom honey” and Beemunity™ which help support the immunity of bees. Life Cykel was founded in 2015 by Julian Mitchell and Ryan Creed, who were picking up used coffee grounds from local restaurants and cafes around Fremantle and used this to grow mushrooms from. The roots of the company are therefore very Circular Economy based. We now work alongside some incredible individuals and operations such as John Smith Gumbula, our cultural ambassador and founder of Best Mushroom Products Company 2021 Founded in 2015, Life Cykel is a quality focusedmushroomandmyceliumbiotechnology company that engineers positive solutions to real world problems. Having recently found success in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Sofie Bakker to find out more about this globally leadingmushroom company. Feb21332 Life Cykel Company: Life Cykel Name: Sofie Bakker Website: BUR’AN (an ethical Fairtrade Indigenous Social Venture corporation) and the Byron Bay Herb Nursery (a non-for-profit disability charity that offers job opportunities and community engagement to those living with a disability).” The company has always been committed to innovation since inception as Sofie goes on to explain. Despite operating worldwide, much of the company’s success can be attributed to its relatively small team which forms the foundation of the company. When discussing the internal culture, Sofie is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the company. “Although Life Cykel is currently operating out of three countries and selling to over 56 countries in total, our dynamic team have played a significant role in our continuing success. As such, our aim was to create a close and interconnected network of committed people who were passionate about their jobs and believe in the potential of mushrooms and Circular Economy practices. We have found our internal culture and shared motivation to making functional mushrooms more available to everyone has enabled our staff to provide the best possible products and services.” Bringing the interview to a close, Sofie signs off by discussing some of the recent trends seen in the industry, before commenting on the companies future prospects. “There has certainly been a large increase in the functional mushroom industry recently, which we see as a positive step forward as more people around the world can access the incredible power of mushrooms. Life Cykel is always striving to do better and by focusing on the improvement of our products, we are able to adapt to the changes that our customers are looking for. Moving forward, we will continue to expand our product range and launch some exciting new products!”