Australian Enterprise Awards 2021

11 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2021 g Clinical Psychologist of the Year (Victoria): Dr Kerry Chillemi valuable contribution you bring to this world with the upmost respect. The uniquely remarkable views of different minds benefit many people for years to come and greatness can be achieved through diversity”. The work that Dr. Chillemi does, allows her clients to find a world that encourages self-identity and self-compassion, where they can connect with people who are like them – their tribe – and grow and develop as a person. Lying at the heart of the approach that Dr. Chillemi has championed is a desire to ensure that her clients can embrace their authentic selves, promote their own sense of purpose and feel empowered to seize what sets them apart from the norm in which clients are uniquely positioned to make a significant difference to society. The values of inclusivity have become a watchword for the 21st Century, with race and gender being key issues at play. The way in which we embrace the potential of the mind, however, is at risk of being ignored, and to our detriment. With Dr. Chillemi, and The Functional Legacy Mindset™, it is easy to see a way forward that utilises the strengths of everyone in society. Company: Functional Legacy Mindset Pty Ltd Contact: Dr Kerry Chillemi Email: [email protected]