Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

38 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , His Lid Hair today, gone tomorrow – frommightymanes to considered curls, care for hair has always been high on the list of human priorities. Used by some as away of sharing our true selves with others, the way hair is styled can say somuch about a person. No one understands this more acutely than the teamat His Lid, with their passion for the perfect cut unmatched in the area. Best Barber Shop – Perth & Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence 2020 Despite only beginning to share their services in 2017, the team at His Lid have made an amazing impact on Perth’s hairdressing scene. Specialising in barbershop care, the balance the team must keep, falls between creating a look that is technically proficient and artistically exquisite. His Lid is able to provide the full range of barber services, with the team’s extensive experience allowing them the opportunity to take their clients’ haircut. These services are four-fold, each bringing with them their own speciality. Whether it’s a haircut or attention to the beard, a quiet shave or a change of colour, The His Lid team will deftly adapt to whatever their clients want and need. Taking up the opportunity to come to His Lid is incredibly straightforward, with an online booking system making the process of choosing a time and provider effortless. For those who aren’t sure when they can turn up, there is always the option of simply walking in and seeing if anyone is free. Clients who opt for this receive a 10% discount on the original price. Of course, His Lid doesn’t just excel at the business of styling hair, it is an inveterate innovator. This is demonstrated through the number of the ways in which they Jan20261 take advantage of other custom that comes through their doors. To make sure that the male members of the party look their best on the big day, Grooms and their ushers are able to hire out the salon for everything from haircuts and shaves through to hot towel treatment. Beyond the traditional barbershop options, His Lid throw in food platters, beers, scotch, champagne and rum to sweeten the deal. This not only gives the chance for those last-minute jitters to be worked out but creates a communal atmosphere that all are able to enjoy. Not just a barbershop, the His Lid coffee shop has become a high- quality staple of the area with a dedicated barista and only the finest quality drinks on offer. Drinks are naturally included for customers of the barbershop, with something a little stronger frequently added. A coffee window pokes out of one of the business’ walls and exists for those who just want something to pick them up and leave relatively promptly. Hair is one of the easiest ways to reflect who we truly are, and the team are His Lid do an exceptional job of encouraging and creating ways of sharing this with others. Instead of adding pressure to a situation, the team have been able to create an environment that is welcoming and relaxed in all sorts of ways. It is this friendliness that keeps people coming back time after time. Contact Information: Company: His Lid Contact: Celia Hague Website: