Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

36 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , borders offices into New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. The Madesco brand remains proudly Australian despite the global approach that has taken the business through the APAC region and into the USA. The corporate and call centre office are currently located in Sydney, and another call centre has recently opened on the Gold Coast. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and with a team of over 5,000 contractors and staff, the company draws on an impressive amount of people in its aim for perfection. Striving for excellence has provided the opportunity for the company to expand into all sorts of areas, but at the heart of the business remains a determination to make sure that individual needs are satisfied above all. There aren’t many businesses that retain a focus on the personal, but the team at Madesco has made it their mission in life to do just that. Contact Information: Company: Madesco Escorts Contact: Jason Davenport Web: Madesco Escorts Leading Purveyors of High-Class Adult Companionship 2020 Jan20448 For the discerning individual, Madesco has become the go-to provider of premium escorts both across Australia and internationally. With escorts that are understandably a cut above the rest, their particularly discerning clientele can be assured of an exceptional experience. In the light of the business’ success, we took a closer look at some of the services that the Madesco team provide. Madesco has built its name supporting a sophisticated audience in the search of the ultimate in personal service. Since starting in 2004, the business has gone from strength to strength, aiming for excellence in every regard. It’s positive attitude has elevated Madesco into the Australia’s leading escort service provider. It’s the team behind Madesco Escorts that bring the real satisfaction. With escorts who are not only fun, engaging and intelligent, they seek to satisfy the delicate needs of the client in a sector that demands discretion and subtlety. Operating in a niche market means that there is only one opportunity to provide an incredibly personalised service, which the target demographic not only expects, but demands. Madesco finds the ideal partner for important occasions ranging from photo shoots to dinner engagements, or the perfect companion for any social situation. Madesco are able to assure clients’ requirements of a classy companion to lift them to new heights amongst their peers. The success of Madesco Escorts ensures that the business has been able to expand beyond its home