Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

35 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , DigiGround Pty Ltd In today’s globalmarkets, differentiation is key formany companies looking to establish themselves, and quality use of technology is an effectiveway of achieving just that. However, for businesses not familiarwithdesigning a software, it canbe hard to use technology innovatively. EnterDigiGround, a Sydney-based digital technologymanagement solutions agency. Following the firm’s double- award-winning success, we profile it to find outmore. Best Custom Software and Applications Development Specialists - Eastern AUS States & Award for Innovation inWeb Design 2020 Jan20372 The world has become an increasingly busy place, with more and more firms clamouring for attention amongst the world’s consumers. Standing out can be hard, but a well-designed website with excellent user interface and experience is an undeniably excellent and helpful tool. For the team at DigiGround, the mission is clear; to strengthen customers business processes by helping them efficiently managing their work through the same design-driven, analytical approaches as enterprise businesses but at a lower cost and much faster pace. With a team of highly-skilled developers, designers and marketers, DigiGround offers clients a wealth of experience in app development, custom software builds, web design, branding, lead generation, graphic design, and ultimately a business or adoption strategy that goes with your product. Digital marketing of products and services is quite mature and in a saturated state of market today. In spite of that, many companies are choosing to specialise in one specific industry that has its own merits. However, DigiGround is quite the opposite, choosing instead to only ever take on three to four jobs from the same industry at any one time, whilst remaining open to projects in a multitude of other industries. This diversification means that the team can continually learn more with every project, and hone their skills across a myriad of industries. It’s almost unbelievable how different industries can learn from each other. By casting a wider net, the firm has been able to stay ahead of the competition, whilst retaining its status as a one-stop-shop that gets the job done consistently with efficient and effective results. Not only does the firm work with a range of clients from across many different industries, but it also maintains a strong working relationship with many of them through an openness and transparency that is seldom seen at this level. From campaigns and strategies, to the decision-making process, clients can be as involved as they wish, while being educated about DigiGround’s applied tactics at every stage. By having the ability to be intrinsically linked to the work that is going on, the firm’s approach continues to build trust and longer relationships while also generating new leads through referrals. Almost 90% of DigiGround’s new work comes through its existing clients. At a time where people are more attached to their mobile phones than ever before, designing the right kind of application that promotes engagement and learns from its target use behaviour is key. Whilst DigiGround is traditionally a developer of hybrid applications to ensure cost-effective delivery for clients, its flexibility to work with native applications is second to none. A perfect example of the firms willingness to dive right in took place in December 2018 when it was approached by a client who had a dysfunctional app, which was built on iOS using the SWIFT programming language. Despite SWIFT not being the preferred option (DigiGround prefers HYBRID programming languages), the DigiGround team threw themselves headfirst into the challenge just to make sure the immediate needs of the clients were met. Speed was of the essence, given that the app was directly integrated with hardware that had 12,000 orders to be shipped for Christmas. The technical team of developers not only delivered the app in full functioning mode but also fixed the database structure, which could have resulted in potential disasters in future if the client continued to operate as they were. This was delivered all within the agreed client deadlines well before 2018 Christmas. Technology plays a key role in people’s lives on a daily basis in the world today, and DigiGround’s ability to utilise the latest tools has positioned them as one of the best and most exciting new firms in the industry. From client campaign analysis, to swift innovations, to systemised project management tools, everyone is encouraged to use the latest technology in pursuit of digital marketing excellence. From web design to app development, people are engaging businesses on multiple digital fronts, so having the backing of a firm highly skilled in all these areas is vital. The visibility and engagement opportunities during the build and execution process that DigiGround offers are vital, especially in a world that is noisier and busier than ever before. Contact Information: Company: DigiGround Pty Ltd Contact: John Luhr | [email protected] Amjad Khanche | [email protected] Website: