Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

34 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Red Cat Adventures Best Tourism & Events Company 2020 - Queensland Jan20067 The Adventure of a Lifetime is a tough promise to keep, but the team at Red Cat Adventures offer amagnificent journey by boat to explore the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Having won the title of Most Innovative Boat Charter Company – Queensland in last year’s Australian Enterprise Awards, we’re delighted to be able to profile the company and see what’s changed in the last 12months. Behind every adventure is a passion that just doesn’t want to settle. For the team at Red Cat Adventures, it is a clear love for the area drives them forward. It’s simply something that they are determined to share with others. Not designed for the staid and settled, these are journeys well suited towards the fun-loving traveller, whether single or a couple, group or family. What unites patrons of Red Cat Adventures is their joint desire to experience something a little different from the norm and a cheeky sense of humour. All of what Red Cat Adventures has to offer is designed to showcase the best of what the Whitsunday Islands. With the opportunity for day trips and overnight sailing, it presents the opportunity to swim and snorkel in one of the clearest waters in the region. There is the chance to see the swirling sand at Hill Inlet and plenty of moments where customers are able to capture that “once in a lifetime” photo. Five tours, varying in style and type, are currently on offer, allowing customers to sleep under the stars, explore the depths of the ocean blue or simply see what the Whitsundays Island has to offer in just one day. Red Cat Adventures revolves around nature, and while always on the lookout for ways in which the company can evolve through new innovations, the team always ensure that the environmental impact will be minimal. Currently, the team are working on a system that will be rolled out across all their vessels cutting roughly 20% less fuel per trip. Much like businesses, travellers have become more aware of their environmental impact, and are taking steps to ensure that they find ways to travel that is eco-friendly and the intention is to make journeys with Red Cat Adventures completely carbon neutral by 2020. The nature of Red Cat Adventures’ trips means that technology is used throughout a journey in many different ways. The boats, for example, are a marvel of technical achievement with the hull designed using advanced computer rendering increasing the performance of both speed and fuel efficiency, while the latest in GPS software not only incorporates tides, radar and fuel efficiency monitoring, it does so on a singular vessel management system. The ships are staffed by a talented and passionate crew, handpicked for their fun, friendly and authentic Australian attitudes. While health and safety are of course important aspects, these people are chosen to curate an exceptional experience for their clients in a positive environment. As employees work long-term, they build up a wealth of expertise that can be shared with guests to really make their journey the “adventure of a lifetime”. Looking forward, it’s no surprise that the team already has plenty of ideas up their sleeves as to how to make the experience they offer even better. With five tours already under their belt, plans for more are in the works. These are Falls to Paradise and Glamping at Paradise Cove Resort and look set to become great new additions to an already exciting and popular line-up. What Red Cat Adventures offers that so few providers can, is a personal approach built on fun and energy. Far from something to be watched, what Red Cat Adventures offer is a modern and friendly engagement with nature and the beauty that is Whitsunday Island. Contact Information: Company: Red Cat Adventures Contact: Chris Leverington Website: