Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

33 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , People Builders Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year 2020 & Best International Corporate Training and Coaching Consultancy 2020 Feb20176 Many people don’t have the opportunity to live as authentically as they would like. Often, they can feel like they simply are not good enough to become the person they need to be. An encounter with the global team at People Builders, led by Grant Herbert, is an opportunity to reject this mindset and create an attitude that supports goals both business and personal. Grant Herbert, Founder and CEO of People Builders, knows exactly where his clients have been. Thanks to his own vast experience as a struggling leader in defence and corporate senior leadership positions, he is well able to help people to escape the performance trap and live their lives in an authentic way. It doesn’t matter whether a client is receiving one-on-one support or working alongside People Builders to create a better work environment for employees and employers. With over thirty-five years of experience to draw upon, it’s not surprising that authenticity is one of the key attributes that Grant can commend to his clients, with the replacement of unhealthy mindsets and behaviours top of his priorities. Able to support people from all backgrounds, including professionals, business leaders, internal HR teams and consultants all over the world, Grant works tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for his clients that generates the maximum return on investment. As an inspirational keynote speaker, Grant has proven himself an impressive communicator to a breadth of different people, able to help them to recognise and replace the mindset that is limiting their personal and professional growth. It is this intimate knowledge that he brings to People Builders, and the clients that they serve. People Builders is a truly exceptional organisation, solving people problems with proven training, coaching and human resources solutions. Focused specifically on building people up, the team has been able to work with businesses across many industries, across the globe. Where People Builders can excel is in its knowledge of people, with the team fully aware that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning new techniques. These programs, on behaviour, emotional intelligence, communication, leadership, training and coaching, are all designed to create long-term change. This requires repetition of new material, rewiring the brain through neuroplasticity. Grant has developed his own proven and proprietary eChange™ Process to ensure this is possible for all their clients. In terms of material, instead of a rigid program that must be followed explicitly, each program area contains a range of modules that can be mixed and matched to best suit the specific need of the individual or organisation. These modules are constantly evolving in order to suit the needs of the 21 st Century VUCA world, with all programs refreshed in line with the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology, rather than recycling outdated information and methodologies. Technology has played a huge role in the organic expansion of People Builders, with its international audience providing the opportunity for a different sort of growth. As the world begins to become more global in its views, the environment requires a different sort of leader and a different sort of educational approach. While maintaining a physical presence in many countries, the use of online presentations and coaching minimises travel costs for the clients as well as making it easier to cover the necessary time zone difference. The People Builders team has recognised the need to adapt its teaching style to suit a variety of different purposes, and some of the people it trains find it more beneficial to adopt the reverse classroom model. In this situation, the bulk of the learning is performed prior to the in-house sessions via online course modules, with the team then brought together for an implementation day. In this way, the team can offer its excellent services while still providing the minimal of interference with their client’s core responsibilities. Grant, and the team at People Builders, are exceptional providers of the best possible training and coaching for corporations that need their people problems solved. Not just providing the latest information to clients, individuals and organisations are given the best possible chance to make long term change. It’s this approach that has allowed Grant to build People Builders into one of the best corporate training and coaching businesses around the world. Contact Information: Company: People Builders Contact: Grant Herbert Websites: /