Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

32 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Taurus Marketing Feb20307 Best PR & Marketing Agency 2020 - Sydney Goodmarketing follows the changing trends of the time, seeking outwhere andwhat anaudience is using and how they are using it. For the teamat Taurus Marketing, finding a way to harness the potential of the modern PR landscape is paramount. Following their success in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards, we dug a little deeper to find out more about how they did it. Led by CEO Sharon Williams, Taurus has grown into a formidable force in the Australian PR industry. Built on providing services ranging from personal branding to social media engagement, what sets Taurus apart is the team’s ‘No Bull’ approach of telling it how it is. Instead of drawing out an expensive and length strategy, Taurus specialise in fast and practical business advice that works alongside people to boost growth. As an integrated marketing & PR agency, Taurus can offer brands a holistic approach instead of either PR or strategy on their own. The unique TaurusBullseye© methodology is one that the team has constructed themselves. Combining years of experience, this 360-degree process can be used to create new plans for businesses or to execute part of a larger strategy and has proven itself over countless award-winning case studies. The unique “bullseye” approach is what gives Taurus a distinct advantage over its competitors and is a process that is easily understood and appreciated by clients. With this impressive approach available to clients, Taurus have continued to innovate in other areas. Having been in business for twenty-four years, the agency has seen a lot of change, especially over the last few years. With consumer demand changing, and the lines between growth, brand, sales, marketing and PR blurring, it has forced the evolution of the ‘tried and true’ tactics of the past. New and fresh approaches are required in order to connect with audiences and build a brand, with healthy relationships formed through constant two-way communication. This is already being done in the industry, with Taurus already adapting to a rise in the demand for interactive content. This is work that must be undertaken in addition to securing coverage in other media. For the marketing industry, there is the clear opportunity to create original experiences, using tools and techniques like VR and AR, assessments, shoppable posts and even livestreaming. These are processes that consumers can not only see but share in with others. In many ways, this reflects a growing demand for something more solid to enjoy, and Taurus has proven itself particularly adept at helping organisations to cut through the noise and communicate a clear message to its audience. Other ways in which the marketing climate has changed is the way organisations interact with their audiences. The ability to target specific groups has created the chance to connect with a close-knit audience that has bonded over similar interests and industry. For smaller brands, with a modest budget, knowing where to target can mean quickly connecting with an engaged and qualified audience, which has much more of an impact than a mainstream approach. It also guarantees a degree of authenticity that consumers demand nowadays, using fascinating stories, an ethical angle and clear success to draw audiences in. With the nature of the marketing industry always in flux, the changes must be tracked by Taurus in order to stay at the cutting edge. The team always has an eye on the next potential technological jump that will define the future of an industry. This forward-thinking attitude is a credit to the tenacious, trusting attitude that drives the business on with genuine care for clients ensuring that the team is always able to deliver above and beyond. The world of marketing & PR is one that is constantly in flux, making it a challenge to remain on top of. For Taurus, however, this is part of the business, with constant adaptation, not only the name of the game, but the joy behind every project, resulting to our clients returning again and again. This is why the business has flourished and will continue to for years to come. Contact Details Company: Taurus Marketing Contact: Charlotte Riddle Website: