Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

30 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Evergreen Doctors Jan20405 Best Functional Medicine Practice - Sydney Optimumhealth is always within reach, according to the teamat EvergreenDoctors. Combining established and emergingmedical techniques, this team look beyond the symptoms to find the root cause ofmedical problems and bringwellness in all areas, not just in sickness. This holistic approach is what has brought them such success in this years’ Australian Enterprise Awards. Evergreen Doctors sees itself as medicine 2.0. Not satisfied at the results that patients received with established medicine, these Sydney-based practitioners have added techniques from emerging science that really look beneath the surface. It is this detailed approach that allows them to generate results that traditional methods simply can’t get close to. Functional Medicine is an evidence-based blend of established and emerging medical techniques, taking a holistic approach that allows doctors to consider the various influences on the body. This covers every area of a patient’s life, meaning that consideration is given to how genes, environment, immune system, hormones, diet, and lifestyle all interact to affect the state of someone’s health. As doctors struggle with surgery and medication to fix symptoms, the demand for a more bespoke approach that explores other options outside of these fix-all solutions has become increasingly clear. The practitioners at Evergreen Doctors undergo intensive and extensive training in order to understand the best way to offer treatment in what are often very personalised plans. This training explores integrative medicine, Functional Medicine, nutrition, metabolism, methylation, gut health, hormones and detoxification, encouraging the staff to understand the true root of any distress. Keeping up to date with new medical studies and treatments is obviously a challenge and many mainstream doctors fail to keep up with the latest breakthroughs. The Evergreen Doctors team manage this through attending many conferences and educational workshops around the world, exposing themselves to new and exciting ideas, as well as the latest technology that is available in the market. The trend away from drugs is one that is supported by Functional Medicine and the Evergreen Doctors staff. They begin the healing process by carrying out a thorough cognitive assessment, followed by a discussion about the patient’s health throughout their life. At first, treatment is simply proven, natural neutraceuticals – foods which have a proven medical or health benefit. This is only part of the process, with food and lifestyle changes being the next stage and drugs used only as a last resort. A talented team of nutritionists is responsible for creating an extensive library of resources that helps patients stick to the required dietary protocol. One of the things that makes Evergreen Doctors such a triumph is their well-defined approach where the aim is to not only treat a symptom, but to achieve real and sustained, optimal health, overall. They do this by treating the upstream causes of symptoms, and maximising the key foundations of health such as the gut, sleep, stress, hormones, nutrition and detoxification. The most important thing about Evergreen Doctors is the emphasis it places on the true meaning of wellness and it is this approach that guides the company on a day-to-day basis. Instead of the traditional 5-minute model, patients and clients have the time to really go the extra mile. It’s a credit to the team, and to the leadership, that their clients always feel welcomed and heard. Even now, the team are working on new methods of improving patient outcomes, experiences and staff procedures. The future seems bright for Evergreen Doctors. As a successful example of a Functional Medicine practice, members of its team are frequently asked to present at conferences and one of the firm’s leading doctors, Dr Chris Chappel has been invited to consult on an upcoming TV program exploring Functional Medicine. Plans are also in motion for more clinics to open in other Australian states. In all, it seems clear that Functional Medicine has a real future in Australia, especially in the format presented by Evergreen Doctors. This exciting service brings incredible benefits to those have been told they need to live with their symptoms, by instead getting to the heart of the problem. It is because of this attitude that they have achieved such incredible success. Contact Details Company: Evergreen Doctors Contact: Chris Chappel Website: