Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

29 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , The Tranquil Room Jan20042 Best Alternative Therapy Centre 2020 - New SouthWales Healing does not just mean understanding the symptoms of a problem, but the cause as well. Approaching problems on this holistic level means that change is not just a short-term hope but a long-term reality. The Tranquil Room, run by Glenyce Ewing, is a leading institution in the field of Alternative Therapy servingwomen across NewSouthWales. We took a deeper look to find out what this step outside themainstream looks like. People have begun to look outside of traditional medicines, stepping in the direction of a healing process that encompasses the wholeness of what it means to be human. For The Tranquil Room in New South Wales, this is an approach that can be supported wholeheartedly. Offering therapies such as Crystal Healing, Reiki, Holistic Counselling, there’s a method to suit everyone’s needs here. Glenyce Ewing runs the business as a one-woman-show, with the majority of her clients being women who are looking for a broader approach to inner healing. Her inspirational and motivational attitude is perfect to encourage women to thrive in their chosen careers. For her, the secret behind the success of The Tranquil Room is its bespoke approach to each and every one of its clients. No two are treated the same, as while two people might share similar issues, there is no identical path. As a result, treatments and therapies differ from client to client, which is one of the many things that makes this endeavour so unique. Another aspect of therapy that sets The Tranquil Room apart is its embracing of new techniques, trends and methods. All of these are incorporated into the larger ethos of the business and used as appropriate. Instead of sticking steadfastly to the old ways, The Tranquil Room has an eye for innovation that really elevates it above the competition. To stay on top of these new opportunities, Glenyce is a frequent attender of seminars and courses relevant to keeping The Tranquil Room up to date with the latest ideas and concepts. Because The Tranquil Room has been run exclusively by Glenyce, she always ensures that one full weekend a month is dedicated to recharging herself. In this way, she can bring the best of herself to her clients. That said, as the business has become more successful and in demand, she has begun looking for someone to support both herself and her clients. This person will have an intimate understanding of the alternative therapy industry, as well as being energy conscious in a spiritual sense. Looking forward, The Tranquil Room holds a great deal of promise. Beyond the centre at The Tranquil Room, Glenyce has created a new venture that has the potential to reach far beyond New South Wales and across the country. The Heart to Heart Circle was created because Glenyce found that most of her clients found talking about problems went a long way to helping with healing. March 2019 saw the creation of the first group, with its success leading Glenyce to want to send the concept nationwide. To this end, an experience has been created that covers a full day of activities which allow women to connect, support and encourage other women. It’s a place where they can find their voice, and have it heard without judgement or criticism. Already the Heart to Heart circle has been held in Wangaratta, and there are plans to take it to more remote areas such as Cobar, Broken Hill and Bourke and perhaps as far afield as Mount Isa and Longreach. It can be easy to try and pinpoint the heart of a problem, but a more holistic approach allows the wholeness of others to be seen. With Glenyce’s clear and capable leadership, it’s no surprise that she has made a difference to so many lives. Her work at The Tranquil Room is inspirational and the reason it has proven to be such a great success. Contact Details Company: The Tranquil Room Contact: Glenyce Ewing Website: