Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

26 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Yovanka Loria Extensions Jan20369 Best for Luxury Hair Extensions 2020 - South Australia Hair extensions can be a major part of someone’s makeover, bringing a wealth of confidence to those whomight struggle with it. What started out as a small hobby has become something much larger withmultiple outlets and an expanding salon team. We look a little more closely at the award-winning Yovanka Loria Extensions to see how they’ve done it. Only opening its doors in 2018, Yovanka Loria Extensions has been providing the premier choice in hair extensions, tying them by hand to ensure the personal touch and the highest quality. With a broad range of clientele, it’s clear that high quality hair extensions hold a universal appeal that cannot be underestimated. The aim for the team at Yovanka Loria Extensions has always been to provide clients with an experience of hair quality and customer service like they have never experienced before, and no one has worked harder than Yovanka Loria herself to achieve this. Rejecting inferior substitutes, her products only use 100% human hair in order to create volume that is both full and natural in appearance. It also means that there is no need to use heat, chemicals or glue for installation. Instead, a track is created using small beads that are secured in the client’s hair which allows the wefts to be sewn firmly into place. The flagship product for the company is its Yovanka Loria Hand-Tied Extensions, along with a one-of-a-kind salon experience at which a client may receive an entirely customised colour service with their extension installation. Clients are always delighted to find that when they sit down in the chair, the experience is one that is friendly, relaxed and by the end of the process, thoroughly empowering. This is thanks not only to the incredibly high quality of the hair sourcing and stockists, but because of the incredible talent of the people working for the company. This natural talent is nurtured by the team at Yovanka Loria Extensions, with education classes on offer to qualified stylists and salons. This offers a unique opportunity for community, with a group of like-minded people joining to support and challenge each other to perform to ever higher standards. For Yovanka, this is the principle of her dream for the business, as she envisions a future where she can pass on her passion for hair to other women, allowing them the opportunity to experience the delights of confidence and beauty through truly luxurious hair. The exceptional company culture brings a great deal of benefits to its staff, and therefore to its customers. For Yovanka Loria, the unique way in which she has trained her staff to fit the hair, not to mention the technique and the hair itself, is what truly sets them apart. It encourages them to work smarter as opposed to harder, working with a tool that could be life altering to women everywhere, giving confidence where previously there was none. Looking forward, Yovanka Loria Extensions is directing itself towards expansion. The team has already grown from one to six in the last six months, and its network of stockists is constantly expanding. Attention has recently turned away from Australia to an international stage, with distributors around the world wanting to share Yovanka’s approach with a larger audience. In all, Yovanka Loria Extensions does an incredible job, making women feel better about themselves through the use of luxury hair extensions. While the product is, of course, important, it is the constructive and supportive nature of the business that has been the secret of its success. Contact Details Company: Yovanka Loria Extensions Contact: Yovanka Loria Website: