Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

25 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Loveridge Designs Jan20041 Best Full-Service Media Agency - Central NSW & Award for Excellence in Post-Production Video Editing 2020 There has been a revolution in the world of media, marketing and content creation, and Loveridge Designs are leading the way. With an eye for innovation, new techniques and strategies, they have made their name in theworld of digital technologies. Loveridge Designs was founded in Ireland, and nowwith their Australian counterpart is a double-award-winner.We profiled themto find outmore. Loveridge Designs was originally founded to fill a gap in the market for consumers who wanted access to a high- end studio that could deliver projects at a very competitive price. The company is growing rapidly working in over thirty-eight countries, helping over 1700 brands, including the likes of Red Bull, Microsoft and Disney to transform their media, content and marketing. The focus for Loveridge Designs is always customer orientated, with the team’s knowledge and passion that they bring being combined with unrivalled customer support. This is how Loveridge Designs have built such an excellent reputation, drawing on several elements to deliver an exceptional product for its customer. The company can provide everything from video production to web design, digital marketing to motion graphics, it can handle every aspect of media production at a competitive price. This approach has meant that the company has been able to fill a void in the industry. With content creation transforming rapidly into new forms for digital marketing, including trends to show a huge migration to video content with the likes of Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook and others. The need for higher end brands to match this change in their advertising approach is only increasing the demand and need for companies like Loveridge Designs. This demand is being slowly filled by the team at Loveridge Designs including their expansion into Australia with a dedicated office is only the beginning of their growth spurt. In order to retain its forward-thinking approach, Loveridge Designs have partnered up with upcoming companies such as Mondo Marketing Software. Josh commented with “Mondo has developed some truly innovative automation techniques which can be used alongside our current industry tools, all of which are used by Loveridge Designs.” Automation has been applied to Loveridge Designs, with many administrative processes conducted in this way. It’s one of the many ways in which Loveridge Designs ensures excellent customer service, while guaranteeing a seamless experience throughout their entire projects. That is not to say that the human factor is lost, as the key to the success of Loveridge Designs, is focused on high-level, personalised account management. Loveridge Designs are a beacon for expanding with new and rising industry talents. The key business partners Josh and Kyle believe only using the very best talent can guarantee that the clientele receives the best possible experience with the highest level of work. The ambitious nature of the company, combined with its tremendous growth rate and work ethic, has encouraged some of the greatest minds to come and work in the Loveridge Design team. Looking ahead, Loveridge Designs has incredible plans for the future. 2020 is set to be a flagship year for the company, putting a major focus on growing in both its home market of Ireland and its new venture in Australia. It also hopes to continue expanding its offices into new regions as well, while continuing to do what it does best serving some of the world’s biggest brands. The future for Loveridge Design is bright indeed, with its impressive work not only fit for purpose in the modern world but futureproofed for the next generation. Despite its technological foundation, the focus of Loveridge Designs is really on making sure that customers get a result they love and can reap a Return on their Investment. Contact Details Company: Loveridge Designs Contact: Josh Loveridge or Kyle Simpson Website: