Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

22 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , North Queensland Neuropsychology Service Feb20119 Best Private Neuropsychology Practice 2020 Studyingneuropsychology, or the intrinsic relationshipbetween the brainandbehaviours, is anarea of science that requiresmore than just expert knowledge. Everyone has a different brainandbehaves in different ways. Being flexible and able to cater for a broad spectrum of clients is key, and can be found in abundance at NorthQueenslandNeuropsychology Service, orNQNS.We spokewithNQNS Director Deidre Bradshaw to learnmore about the exceptional work this private practice provides. Together, brain functionality and behavioural choices can encompass much of what makes a person who they are. Understanding all of that is no small feat, but it is the work of the team at NQNS. A private practice in Townsville offering assessment and treatment services across the central and northern parts of the region, NQNS has established strong links with agencies and medical practices in the local community. It exists to serve the needs of those referred from medical doctors, medical specialists, third-party insurers, medico legal colleagues, the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Spearheading the practice is Deidre Bradshaw, bringing more than two decades of Neuropsychology experience, having previously worked both domestically and internationally since graduating from the University of Melbourne with a master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology in 1996. Since then, she has dedicated her life to this profession, integrating her knowledge of the brain and behaviour to assist those with congenital disorders and acquired conditions, ultimately achieving optimal functioning for individuals. Here at APAC Insider, we had the privilege of speaking with Deidre recently, and she gave us some insight into what NQNS does. “At NQNS, we offer standardised comprehensive assessments to assist with diagnosis, management advice, rehabilitation guidance, monitoring of recovery, competency matters and decision making/testamentary capacity. We are highly proficient in providing neurodevelopmental and educational assessments, assessments of various neurological conditions (e.g. traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia), as well as psychiatric and drug and alcohol conditions. A primary part of our service is to also provide comprehensive reports for clients, leaving no rock unturned, this document encompasses a concise and in-depth historical summary as well as important clinical findings, diagnosis and a host of fundamental recommendations.” NQNS provides neuropsychological services for clients across their lifespan, from childhood to old age. Deidre and her team cover a range of areas including cognitive, educational, intellectual, and psychological assessments, brain health and lifestyle education, psychological therapy, adjustment counselling, and clinical supervision. For Deidre, however, it’s about more than just the science and the neuropsychological aspect of NQNS’ work. “We are committed to working compassionately and professionally with all clients and caregivers, and adopt a person-centered approach which ensures clients feel valued and respected. Warmth, openness and the ability to connect on a genuine level, together with exceptional training and adherence to golden standards in our profession, is integral to our success. We are dedicated to practising compassion and fostering a non-judgmental attitude, ensuring all persons are understood holistically.” In this constantly-evolving digital world that many businesses now find themselves in, connecting to real-time information has seldom been easier. Collaboration and sharing findings amongst medical colleagues is imperative for the team at NQNS, given its’ extensive referral base of partners. This also applies to the clients who often want access to their own information. Digital formats suit most people with their increasingly busy lives. Deidre tells us more about how NQNS uses technology to address these needs, before closing out our time together by stating just how important the practice’s work in offering families much-needed knowledge and understanding around diagnoses. “At NQNS, we have adopted a digital platform that streamlines the assessment process and relies on the use of iPads as opposed to all tests being administered by paper and pencil. Post-assessment, we are able to sync all data back to central for secure storage, further review, and generation of reports. This provides efficiency, flexibility convenience, and minimisation of errors. A host of important psychological, behavioural and adaptive questionnaires are also delivered via online evaluation system platforms. Easily administered and scored electronically, these improve clinical efficiency.” “In recent times, NQNS has found that NDIS participants that may not have had formal cognitive, intellectual, educational, and psychological testing at all or since childhood, now have access to these services. We have found that participants, carers/family members, schools and service providers alike have found Neuropsychological assessments invaluable. Neuropsychological assessments have provided a solid understanding of the individuals’ diagnosis, needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, which is highly important when moving forward with future plans and goals.” The brain is a vital part of the human body, and maintaining and understanding it is an equally vital part of the scientific community. The work that Deidre and her team at NQNS are doing is not only scientifically brilliant, but it also changes lives in a way that few could ever understand. Contact Details Company: North Queensland Neuropsychology Service Contact: Deidre Bradshaw Website: