Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

21 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Recovery PRO Best Massage & Compression Products Retailer 2020 It’s easy to imagine that the most important part of improving fitness is working out, but allowing the necessary time to recover is crucial too. Australian-owned and based, Recovery PRO seeks to provide the ultimate in recovery equipment, allowing their customers the best way forward in fitness. In the light of their award-winning success, we looked at the team’s secret to success. Despite having only entered the market two years ago, Recovery Pro has made an enormous impact on the Australian fitness industry. With a passion for health and fitness, the team have made it their purpose to change the way in which people look after and improve their bodies. Their product line is somewhat different from the norm, moving the focus from pushing the body to its limits and ensuring that it can recuperate successfully. With a deliberate emphasis on recovery, the business has not only a clear line of thinking, but an obvious hook on which to draw in potential customers. The importance of recovery is just as important as the initial working out, and Recovery PRO have worked tirelessly to develop their high quality, commercial-grade recovery products. As a desire for good fitness is not limited to those of the highest calibre, Recovery PRO has designed its products to be suitable for athletes of every level, being easily used by even the most novice of workout fanatics. Growing a business is such a short period of time is no mean feat, and is thanks in no small part to the exceptional way in which Recovery PRO has conducted itself. An incredible support and services team, all of whom have an interest and understanding of the fitness industry, leads the way in providing a superb customer experience with a leading warranty provider ensuring that no one is ignored when they buy one of their products. Recovery PRO has always taken a health-based attitude to proceedings, earning the trust of healthcare professionals and athletes alike. This approach has led to extraordinary success, an example being the new massage gun that has just gone onto the market. After a strenuous workout, the benefits of a deep-tissue massage are manifold, but accessing such treatments involved finding a physical therapist or professional alternative. The RP2.0 Massage Gun democratises the entire process, making products that used to be available exclusively at these locations, at a price that very few could afford, obtainable to all. Not only is it one of the quietest guns on the market, but it is portable meaning that users can take it with them to the gym or office. Instead of being limited to specific locations, the long battery life allows people to use it wherever they need. This is just the first in what looks to be a long line of recovery products as Recovery PRO makes its mark on the industry. While the business has achieved incredible success in Australia, the team has already begun to look abroad to new and exciting possibilities abroad. The intention is to take their items worldwide, collaborating and working with exciting brands in order to build their reputation on a new global stage. The focus naturally remains on improving the state of people’s fitness and health, and Recovery PRO is committed to exploring the best ways to achieve this. Methods such as pop-up stores, as well as attending fitness events and running workshops have gone a long way to changing the way in which people see their approach. The work of Recovery PRO goes beyond selling products, and is about changing attitudes within the fitness industry. Building on the workout that everyone is aware of, Recovery PRO allows people to recover like a pro. It’s an inclusive look to what used to be an exclusive industry. Contact Details Company: Recovery PRO Contact: Jimmy Kien Website: Jan20346