Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

20 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Bonython Property & Investments Jan20196 Best Luxury Property Development Agency - New South Wales No development happens in isolation, and the team at Bonython Property & Investments ensure that each one that they are involved in has a positive impact on the community at large. With these buildings acting as a calling card, this is a company that has been responsible for some critical economic investment in a much under-explored area. We took a closer look at how this luxury development firm has made such a huge impact. The reputation of Bonython Property & Investments has been built on combining high standards of living with lasting partnerships and local enrichment. Its flagship property, the Bonython Tower, shows this in every aspect of its design and construction, being a unique inner-city development that has been the catalyst for a major economic investment in Gosford. This development is a major part of the Bonython Property & Investments ethos, revitalising regional centres through integration with the local business community. The Bonython Tower has proven to be a focal point through which investors, visitors and residents can see the potential of an area. By taking on the financial risk and acting as a forerunner, the building has increased confidence in investment, kickstarting new developments. Several projects that have been abandoned for some time have been restarted in the light of the Bonython Tower’s success. The need to see the importance of local business has applied during the construction process. The skills shortage has been overcome through employing local firms with exceptional reputations, with the builders winning awards for their development and fit out. The success that comes with a proven track record means that Bonython Property & Investments attracts the best talent available from every part of the industry. When working on the Bonython Tower, attention was naturally focused on ensuring that every aspect of the project would be able to meet the high standards of the company and inspire a wave of regeneration in the area. To this end, it has adapted to suit the needs of today’s market. While Bonython Property & Investments was known for its spacious dwellings, the downsizing trend has allowed the team to explore a new way of modern, convenient, apartment living that doesn’t sacrifice comfort and style. In order to meet the exacting standards of the modern consumer, Bonython Property & Investments always use the latest techniques and technologies to stay ahead of the game. During construction drones are used to scope a site, with systems that incorporate AI and 5G used through all the phases of a project. Developments are built to a similarly high standard, combining everything from temperature-controlled wine storage to the latest in carparking security. By finding ways in which to incorporate the latest technologies, Bonython Property & Investments can secure its position as a developer of quality properties for all its buyers. Attention to detail, quality workmanship and functional, stylish living is synonymous with the Bonython Tower, and looks to remain so for the rest of Bonython Property & Investments’ developments. The future for Bonython Property & Investments looks bright, as the team has already begun work on at least four new developments in and around the Central Coast of New South Wales. These will be a mixture of residential and commercial developments, with the next being another luxury Gosford development, Ravello Residences. With stunning views over Brisbane Water, the intention into set a new standard in luxury this side of Sydney. Having achieved its aim of revitalising an entire regional centre as well as providing superb housing for residents, it’s clear that the Bonython Tower has been an astounding success. It stands as a clear example of what collaboration between the private sector, government and broader community can achieve. This is a business that takes its own risks and creates its own opportunities. It’s no wonder that the reward has been such incredible success. Contact Details Company: Bonython Property & Investments Contact: Paul Anderson Email: [email protected] Website: