Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

19 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Blasta Brewing Company Jan20406 Craft Brewery of the Year 2019 - Perth Founded by Scottish-Australian Steve Russell after travelling around the world trying world- class beers, Blasta Brewing Company is a culmination of cultures from across the world into one exemplary craft brewery. Wholly committed to brewing nothing but the finest and most delicious beers, discover this wonderfully charming craft brewery, after its win in APAC Insider’s Australian Enterprise Awards 2020. After touring the globe in search of the finest beers and flavours that the world had to offer, Steve Russell returned to his native Australia with a dream, and the drive to realise it. The result is Blasta Brewing Company, a place of extraordinary flavour and character. The word “Blasta” itself derives from Scottish-Gaelic, and translates roughly to “delicious” in English. The commitment to delicious beers is right there in the name, and permeates every area of the brewery itself. With the firm’s logo taking on a geometrically-drawn head of the eternally majestic unicorn, it is not only a symbol of Scotland’s national animal but also of the rarity of the brewery’s own exemplary services. Sourcing and using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients is just one way in which Blasta Brewing Company stands out as an exceptional craft brewery in the city of Perth. No matter where in the world ingredients come from, the experienced brew team push the boundaries of beer-making and offer world-class products unlike any other on the market. The team also make full use of state-of-the-art brewing technology, imported from the United States, ensuring not only the finest flavours, but also the best finish and quality to any brew. As well as the core range of beers that Blasta Brewing Company offers, it also strives for excellence with its experimental and seasonal craft beer creations. The restaurant at Blasta Brewing Company also works with the same philosophy of using only the freshest local produce to create a unique menu that focuses strongly on Scottish and Australian cuisine. The majority of the menu items can be modified to cater for all dietary requirements at no extra cost to guests. Chefs themselves delight in experimenting with seasonal produce to create gastronomic wonders that perfectly compliment the beers. Every item is prepared daily to ensure freshness and the highest quality food. Blasta Brewing Company brings a very unique and homely experience that caters to every type of visitor. The chilled and laidback atmosphere is personified and exemplified by the German-style long, beerhall tables, and abundance of green throughout the venue. Yet, there is a stark contrast between the industrial nature of the stainless steel brewing tanks, and the rusticity of the tables and bar. The whole interior is an experience in and of itself, expertly capturing the essence of brewing and of drinking together. The dog-friendly outdoor beer garden also compliments the interior décor, with the sandpit and play area also proving to be a popular attraction for families and special occasions. At the heart of the Blasta Brewing Company experience is the team of friendly, well-trained, and knowledgeable staff. Always on hand with a brew and a smile, the team offer full table service that can be customised for a casual dining experience for more formal occasions. Ranging from the knowledge of brewing procedures of the beers, to the ingredients of all the menu items, staff can help with any query or question. The management at Blasta Brewing Company also constantly upskill the staff through training and tastings, enabling a culture where everyone can strive for excellence together. Every staff member is encouraged to show their own personalities, creating a more intimate, engaging, and personal experience for every guest in search of the best possible brewery. Charming, characterful, and wholly compliant with its promise to deliver nothing but the most delicious beer, Blasta Brewing Company lives up to its namesake in fantastic fashion. At a time where craft breweries are becoming more and more popular all over the world, this fusion of Scotland and Australia does both countries proud, and delivers a food and drink experience that is truly exceptional and fully deserving of all its past, present, and future successes. Contact Details Company: Blasta Brewing Company Contact: Steve Russell Website: