Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

18 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , shared across all the various moving parts of the company. Powerflo’s atmosphere instils cohesion and empowerment, enabling staff to give everything in pursuit of excellence. Not content to simply create a great working atmosphere, the firm also provides training and offers further education and opportunities to ensure the team is equipped to provide the highest level of service – both upfront and post-sales. Looking ahead, the future is one of tremendous excitement for the team at Powerflo. Having recently purchased an almost- new property in Silverwater, the team will be operating from a much more modern facility with a great deal of initiatives to make working for Powerflo even more fun and green than before. With expansion planned across even more of Australasia and Asia, and more products on the way, Powerflo is set for yet another century of exceptional services and success. Contact Details Company: Powerflo Solutions Pty Ltd Contact: Kathryn Wood-Enriquez Website: Powerflo Solutions Pty Ltd Feb20012 Best Multi-Sector Plant Valve & Instrumentation Supplier 2020 When working in high-pressure environments and industries, speaking both literally and figuratively, it is imperative to ensure that safety is at the highest possible levels. In pursuit of this, engineering plants often demand some sort of control, shutdown, or safety relief valve for equipment. Enter Powerflo Solutions. Following the firm’s win in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2020, we take a closer look at what it offers to clients. Aiming to engineer long-term reliable control valve, ESD valve, and over/ under pressure protection devices for severe service applications within the oil and gas, power, mining, and petrochemical industries is something of a niche. However, it is a niche that Powerflo has successfully catered to over the last 110 years. Having cultivated some very strong working relationships with a number of Australia’s largest industrial players, the firm has enjoyed over a century of success as Australia’s Best Multi-Sector Plant Valve & Instrumentation Supplier, having now been recognised in the APAC Insider’s Australian Enterprise Awards. Bringing a wealth of experience and multi-disciplinary skill, the engineers and project managers at Powerflo are expertly trained in the sizing, selection, and application of control, shutdown, and safety relief valves for a myriad of applications – both in general and severe service. Just a handful of these include high pressure, and hot or cryogenic applications where noise, cavitation, and flashing exists, as well as duties where both erosion and corrosion demand engineered solutions with regard to material and design construction. As a complimentary service, Powerflo also offer robust technology for pressure, level, and temperature control and monitoring from some of the most respected manufacturers in the world. Powerflo’s mission is to deliver long-term, intelligent, tailored control solutions that will allow clients to maximise their plant uptime whilst reducing the cost of ownership. One of the core reasons that the firm has remained so successful for more than a century is the extent of the knowledge held within the business. Collating knowledge of valve design, manufacture, sizing, selection, and application; the team can provide clients with swift responses to all manner of technical queries. The team know their own products inside out, and work with suppliers to ensure positive engagement at all times. Big enough to make things happen quickly, but not so big that they do not pay attention to detail and care about the smallest of requests; Powerflo is a perfect partner to your business. In what is an ever-changing world, Powerflo continues to act as an industry chameleon; adapting to client needs, industry conditions, nd market opportunities at a lightning-quick pace. Where there is a real lack of knowledge around valves, the firm offers opportunities to graduates who want to learn the trade, as well as visiting clients to understand their problems first-hand and then set about creating the right solution. As the world is now keenly focused on global warming and the energy crisis, Powerflo is actively engaged with new renewable energy projects in solar thermal, geothermal, and hydrogen-based technology. Being one of Australia’s most multi-cultural companies has also meant that internally, the culture of the team at Powerflo is one of understanding, togetherness, and collaboration. Every member of the team works tirelessly to achieve a common goal, with respect