Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

17 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , While most people think that financial security is almost impossible to achieve, the professional forex trading team at LTG GoldRock have built a multi-million dollar business helping people do just that. The firm’s contribution to the Australian community began in 2009, as the business was established in the state of Queensland to help people steadily regain control of their finances, create wealth, and live with true freedom. After helping more than 3,500 clients secure their financial future, LTG GoldRock has since grown to become one of Australia’s most intelligent forex trading businesses, specializing in educating clients on trading currencies skilfully and successfully. Before the firm was established in 2009, the majority of people saw the foreign exchange market as the most reliable and consistent means to trade currencies as opposed to other markets that crashed regularly. However, despite that central piece of knowledge, many people did not know how to safely and profitably engage in financial markets, thanks largely to the fear of risks and losses. Following the launch of LTG GoldRock, hardworking and ordinary people were empowered to trade currencies like a professional. Soon after experiencing great success, the firm expanded its training services to teach clients the right approach to building financial wealth for the long-term. Upon speaking with the directors at LTG GoldRock, they imparted this wisdom; “The top challenges faced by our investors and traders venturing into forex are the misconceptions and unprofessional mindset that is instilled in the culture of non-traders.” Operating with this in mind, the company recognizes one of its biggest priorities lies in helping beginners overcome misconceptions around trading, and teaching them the art of investing and trading profitably. The last eleven years has seen the firm successfully achieve this, teaching clients through world-class education and training services, powerful investment tools, guidance, LTG GoldRock Most Innovative Investment Education Platform 2020 Jan20126 For many people, investing and trading is a risk-ridden, dangerous business inwhichmoney can disappear in a second. However, it can also be the route to achieving security and freedom in finance. LTG GoldRock, as recognised in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2020, is an excellent educational platform for successful trading and investing. We caught up with those working at the firm to learnmore about its great success. updates from some of the world’s top investors, and daily market insights and alerts. The team at LTG GoldRock also spoke of how the firm helps its beginner clients uncover the mysteries of trading through its services. “Forex is often a misunderstood asset. LTG GoldRock takes the mystery out of trading, and our clients can easily follow our lead.” All components of the business are conducive to a positive and growth-oriented experience for the client. They can imitate the moves of some of the most successful traders as an easy and safe way to develop skills, as well as being able to seek live assistance and guidance from the customer support team. For those looking to take their trading and investment skills to the next level, there is also a members area. There, clients can tap into incredible tutorials and education facilities for those looking to take their trading to the next level. With a live trading room also available, these individuals can learn from seasoned veterans of the trading industry, and receive updates via the Daily Insider Report. Every member of the LTG GoldRock team is driven forward by a desire to share knowledge and see other succeed. Every carefully designed and delivered forex trading experience is done in that for the client, to help them feel at ease. An indispensable and core component of the client’s learning experience and growth is the depth of experience within the team. Although the team is relatively small, they all actively contribute to strengthen the client’s education through regular updates and insights. LTG GoldRock’s entire company culture now powerfully promotes a healthy interest in building wealth and positive futures for staff and clients alike. As a closing thought, LTG GoldRock shared with us the vision for the future. “The focus of LTG GoldRock has always been on the client, and will continue that way as the company expands and provides new and exciting benefits to our members along the way.”. As new methodologies and techniques are discovered, so too must education be improved and updated. Always looking to better suit the progression of its clients, this superb educational firm will continue to provide exceptional services for years to come. Contact Details Company: LTG GoldRock Contact: Alex Kozulin Website: