Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

16 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Every home is often as unique as the person, or people, that lives inside of it. It stands to reason therefore, that building a dream home requires personalised service and custom uniqueness that truly takes into account the individual needs that each home must fulfil. Enter Activa Homes Group. Incorporating your vision and budget with its own experience and know-how, the firm can help build the home of your dreams. The team are there every step of the way, from initial concept and design work, to drawings and council approvals, to colour selections, construction, maintenance, and well beyond. Whether looking to build a lifestyle, wealth, or both, every client can rely on Activa Homes Group to create a solid future. More than just building a home for families or individuals, Activa Homes Group also boasts a specific development division, Activa Developments, which offers clients a range of options for building their investment property portfolio. Whether interested in a full turnkey project for sale, or a long-term rental investment, Activa Developments can help with management, sourcing of land, design, feasibility studies, government departmental consultations, actual construction, and final sales. Not only does the team build multi-unit property developments, but they also invest themselves, proving they can walk the walk and talk the talk. This specialised experience ensures Activa Developments are the best partner for all investors. The mission and vision behind the team at Activa Homes Group is one of building more than just bricks and mortar. It is about more than just the four walls, roof, windows, and chimney. This is a lifestyle for years to come. The firm strives to ensure that itself, its workforce, their families, friends, and ultimately, its clients, can make the most of what life has to offer from the comfort of a beautiful home. It is about a wealth of time and opportunity to live the life that clients want to, whether that Jan20154 Activa Homes Group Pty Ltd Best Residential Property Developer - Western Australia One of the biggest investments youwill evermake in life is going to be property-related.Whether building a dream home from scratch, or looking to establish an investment property portfolio, it is key to have a builder that is both professionally and personally experienced, and can guide a client through the process. That’s where Activa Homes Group comes in. Discover more, as we open the curtains on the firm’s latest success. be having space for the entire family to eat together, or to create passive income for an early retirement and enjoy activities in later life. Activa Homes Group builds three core things: elationships, passion, and knowledge. In a world that is increasingly focused on going bigger and better, it is Activa Homes Group’s commitment and attention to detail that sets it apart from other builders in the industry. As a custom design and build firm, every project is unique to the client. Communication is vital, ensuring that all parties are all operating on the same wavelength throughout a project. The team take the time make sure that clients understand every aspect of the building process, whilst being able to answer every imaginable question. The clarity of communication is also evident at every level; clients can speak with anyone from administration, to the owner of the company, to the site supervisor and get meaningful answers in real time. By specialising in building client relationships, the attention to detail is naturally reflected in top quality homes. Activa Homes Group may only be a small team of people, but each member is wholly dedicated to achieving what is best for the clients and the company. Understanding that both knowledge and skills can be taught to almost anyone, the firm has instead chosen to focus its recruitment efforts on actively searching for people who demonstrate passion and intrinsic motivation. Rather than simply get the job done, the firm hires those who can get it done with professionalism, efficiency, and in a manner that adds value for both company and client. The remarkable team have already experienced great success in 2020. The first two weeks of the year have seen the firm sign more preliminary agreements and have more clients wishing to proceed to contract than in the last six months combined. Together, the team will continue to deliver exemplary dream homes to every client. A dream home is often far more than just the sum of its architectural parts; it is a haven of family, and a place where people can come together in shelter from the busyness and freneticism of the outside world. It is a restful retreat to which hard workers return after a long day. Crafting the perfect dream home for every client, Activa Homes Group is more than just a custom design and build firm; it is a creator of dreams. Contact Details Company: Activa Homes Group Pty Ltd Contact: Sharon Janssen Website: