Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

15 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Jan20100 Financial Advice Practice of the Year 2020 - Gold Coast AcquiraWealth Partners is celebrating after being awarded Financial Advice Practice of the Year 2020 - Gold Coast by APAC Insider. Reine Clemow provides more insight into the firm and its mission. Acquira Wealth Partners is a financial advice practice located on Australia’s Gold Coast. Founded in 2014, the firm’s principle adviser, Reine Clemow, has been in the industry since 2001 and brings significant experience in working with clients. Growing up on the Gold Coast himself, Reine realises the importance of providing the community with real advice that makes a real difference in people’s lives. Going into further detail, Reine tells us a little more about the firm and its mission. “Here at Acquira Wealth Partners, our entire team is passionate about helping people live better lives and, in our society, money and lifestyle are inextricably linked. We believe that providing conflict-free professional financial advice helps our clients to live better lives and enjoy more of what is meaningful to them. When you work with Acquira Wealth Partners you have a relationship with the entire firm and not just your adviser. We often know our clients’ lives better than they do so if there is ever a question about the path they are on, anyone one of the team can be there as support.” “Everything we do is for our clients greater good. Our advice is based on a deep understanding of our client’s needs with the intent to always deliver the value that they seek from us. Our clients are usually successful in their own right, whether it be in their career or own business, but are often time poor and lack the skills to deal with the complexities of the financial world. We take the role of their principal adviser and assist them by putting them on and keeping them on their best path by doing all things necessary to move them closer towards the achievement of meaningful aspirations. This involves the project management of their financial life, facilitating meetings with other professionals such as lawyers and accountants and at the core of financial advice, providing strategic advice around growing and protecting their wealth.” It is this attention to detail and deep understanding of the client’s needs that really sets Acquira Wealth Partners aside from competitors. The firm’s approach is also different as it does not pay any third parties for referrals and it is not incentivised or remunerated other than from the client’s fees. “This provides us the freedom, unlike many other advisers who rely on selling financial products to get paid, to deliver meaningful advice that will bring our clients closer to the things you care about most – we call them aspirations,” explains Reine. “More than offering a transparent fee arrangement, our work is focussed on uncovering these meaningful aspirations that are currently unmet in our clients’ life that are likely to take time, money and advice to achieve. Often, our clients may not know what they don’t know, so we make it our mission to help our clients navigate any future complexities that could cause problems if they were left to go it alone.” Currently, Reine is seeing trends emerging in the industry towards more educated clients who want more than simple portfolio management. He explains further how the firm plans to tackle this. AcquiraWealth Partners “With the rise of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) where clients can achieve access to a diverse range of markets at a low cost, financial planning businesses with a value proposition around investment management are finding it more difficult to remain relevant. “At Acquira Wealth Partners, we embraced this trend early and built our business on what client’s value, which is knowing that they are on their best path forward and have certainty in their lives. We expect that technology will continue to shape the industry and as this evolves, we will look to integrate it further into the business.” Acquira Wealth Partners is continually looking for technology that helps to enable its team to be more efficient and provide higher standards of service. Being a cloud-based business means staff members can work anywhere, at any time. “Wherever possible we integrate digital technology like client portals, digital signing, and client data management. Our booking system allows clients to easily schedule times without having to go back and forth with their partners and it automatically provides email and SMS reminders.” As the business continues to grow, Reine’s plan is to create a workplace that reflects the firm’s values of health, wellness, and connection. “There are plans for an office with an outdoor function/ recreation zone as well as chill-out zones to relax, read, meditate or even practice some yoga throughout the day,” he states. “We also plan to deliver a Wealthness retreat where the focus is on how wealth and wellness are interconnected and that one cannot achieve true happiness if either is achieved in isolation.” Contact Details Company: Acquira Wealth Partners Web Address: